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A cradle for a child or a crib?

Cradles for children have some disadvantages - the prices are quite high, and the time of using them is much shorter than from the baby (about 5-6 months old). However, such furniture for children also have a great advantage - they provide the toddler with the opportunity to frequent rocking, to which he is used, because such movements often felt in my mother's stomach. Thanks to this, the child's rocking makes it calmer and the mother has more time for herself and for other duties. Parents may also consider buying a cradle bed for children. It is a wooden piece of rocking furniture, which after some time can be dismantled. Unfortunately, it should be prepared that such a piece of furniture will occupy more space in the bedroom.

If the parent has already decided to buy a cradle for a child, it turns out that choosing the right model is not so easy. Stores offer a wide range of products, so comparing everyone and the final decision can take a long time. So how to deal with it? On the Internet you can find many websites that make up the rankings of the best children's cribs, for example Thanks to this you do not have to browse dozens of different opinions, because you have everything in one place. Such websites will certainly significantly speed up the process of choosing the best bed for your child.

Cradle for a child - how to choose the right cradle?

How to choose a cradle for a child where the child will be safe?

• Step 1. Choose one that meets safety requirements and has approvals. The paint can not be freshly placed on the furniture and must be non-toxic. The cradle for a child should be solid and stable on the ground.

• Step 2. It is worth noting whether the furniture for children is comfortable to use and whether they are well contoured. For a child to be safe, choose a cradle where you can block the possibility of rocking.

• Step 3. This type of furniture must be adapted to the weight and height of the toddler, so it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the cradle for the child and for how long it will serve.

• Step 4. It is worth choosing a cradle with a mattress in the set. The size of the furniture can vary greatly and choosing the right size mattress can be a difficult task.

• Step 5. Before going to the store, it is worth determining what part of the budget the parents want to spend. The prices of such furniture are different. The cheapest wooden cradle is an expense of $70, while an automatic cradle can cost up to $400.

• Step 6. It is necessary to check the depth of the cradle. The deeper it is, the better for the child. Certainly, it should not be less than 25 cm thick.

• Step 7. If the cradle for a child is made of wicker, it is worth to look at it carefully to see if any sharp protruding parts can pose a danger to the baby. If it is covered with material, you must check whether it can be removed and washed.

A cradle for a child is one of the most important elements of a layette for a child. Therefore, the decision to buy a specific model should not be made without carefully considering the needs of the infant, who will soon be born.

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