Lindsey Mitchell

Babyzen Yoyo, love at first stroll

Babyzen Yoyo is a stroller that I fell in love with the moment the manufacturer showed the first pictures of it :) The common sense didn’t let me just buy it, though – because at first my kid was too little and then I had too many strollers. I have to admit that I regret it now, but I will make up for it and I hope that Yoyo will soon join my fleet of strollers for good :)

Yoyo has plenty of advantages that are hard to find in any other stroller model. First of all, it is incredibly compact (the size when folded is 52 x 44 x 18 cm) – upon folding it can fit literally everywhere, taking less space than a hand luggage on a plane, even some of my purses are bigger than a folded Yoyo. On top of that, it is very lightweight (6 kg) – which means I had no problems carrying it around on my shoulder when pregnant (it has a special carrying strap) or putting it in the car. Perfect for those who often drive or fly somewhere with their kids, have a small trunk or not much space around their apartment.

Another advantage of Yoyo is its maneuverability – I am very hard to please in this area, because as a fan and user of Bugaboo I know what it’s like to push along a perfectly maneuverable stroller. BABYZEN Yoyo really did surprise me though – it glides over sidewalks, you can easily push it with one hand.

The wheels, despite their small size, have pretty good shock absorbers. Here comes another surprise – it is obviously not an all-terrain stroller, it doesn’t have big wheels, so you can tell it when you’re going over a bumpy surface, but to tell you the truth I expected that after just 2 minutes of pushing the stroller I would be cursing it, and yet nothing of the sort happened. It wobbled a little, the wheels ran into a pothole twice, but other than that I loved the stroll.

To be honest I was positively surprised with the seat. I expected it to be tiny, yet it turned out to be really spacious. The stroller’s seat reclines (continuous adjustment on the strap) and the stroller allows to easily take a nap, although it doesn’t have an adjustable footrest, which makes it impossible to comfortably stretch the legs when asleep. In its basic version, the stroller is intended for sitting children (6m ), although when reclined all the way down the seat is actually only semi-horizontal.

The stroller is very easy to fold and unfold, which means you will get the hang of it very fast and it won’t take more than about a dozen seconds.

Because of its minimal size and weight, Yoyo has to have some downsides, as there is sadly no such thing as a perfect product. The biggest downside is a very small canopy. Which means that for sunny days, it is better to buy an umbrella or a canopy extension separately.

The five-point harness is very easily adjustable, but sadly it takes some time to buckle it, despite many attempts I wasn’t able to do it fast a single time.

The most annoying thing is the brake – it’s very small, which makes it difficult to find it with your foot.

The last downside is the handlebar – it is a single type and the stroller can be pushed with one hand, but it is narrow – I find it much more comfortable to push strollers with wider handlebars. Tall people will certainly be displeased that the handlebar is not adjustable.

Sadly, the price is not exactly the lowest possible, as the strolling version of Yoyo costs nearly $500, but I believe that everyone who wants to have a compact, maneuverable, good quality stroller will be so satisfied with it that they will forget about the price soon.

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