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How to buy a used stroller

I’m a supporter of buying used strollers, I’ve had few dozen strollers go through my hands, and I’ve been through both successful deals as well as those not quite so good. Hence the guide on how to buy a used stroller and whether it’s worth it?

Used stroller – is it worth it?

Each of us has different preferences, but buying a used stroller allows to either save a lot (when you want to buy your desired model, and you were planning to get a new one), or buy a high-end stroller for the same price, one you couldn’t afford normally or it would be too frivolous to spend that much to you (or for any other reason).

There is one more upside to buying a used stroller. By which I mean selling it. I’m a supporter of reselling strollers so that they can serve another child (which is why I like well-made strollers). When buying a used stroller, you can sell it later for a similar or a slightly lower price compared to the purchase price. As a result, after two years of use it might turn out that the cost of the stroller wasn’t much higher than eating out at a pizza place.

Another upside is that if for any reason the stroller is not up to your expectations, you can also sell it pretty much loss-free and buy another one (just don’t slip into a strollermania! teehee). With a new one it is harder, because we all know that the first owner loses the most.

When buying a used stroller, we also need to keep in mind that it might have some wear, there may be scratches, stains or dirt on it somewhere. Sometimes all it takes is to clean it, then there are times when these things are simply permanent. That’s why below I give tips on how to buy a used stroller and not get duped.

How to buy a used stroller – in person

If you have a chance to then I suggest inspecting the stroller. See by yourself not just the condition of the upholstery, but also whether everything is still functional. What to look into:

condition of the upholstery – whether it has stains or wear. There is often wear around the footrest in strollers, which makes it a good idea to check it. Stains can also be spotted by looking under the insert (if there is any) and under the mattress in a bassinet. It’s a good idea to give the stroller a sniff – seriously! If it smells rotten, kind of damp, it means that it may have been stored somewhere for long, like in a basement. See if it doesn’t have stains that would be difficult to get out or even worse, some rips. Let me say it right now – all kinds of rips or modifications mean it’s better to pass. Rips might be a hint that the stroller is older, whereas a stroller with modifications will be harder to sell later.

condition of the wheels – this one says a lot. If these are air-filled wheels, check if they still have the tread, whether they are worn, how used they are. If they are the foam type, then also see if they are worn or dented. Some of the foam wheels have those “holes” in them made by pebbles. I wouldn’t actually worry about this one, as there are certain strollers (like Maclaren XLR) with wheels made of this exact material that already have such marks on them after few strolls. More can be told by the back wheels, especially the air-filled type. If the tread is worn then the tires may have to be replaced soon (if they are air-filled).

Before buying, read opinions about the strollers. I recommend the website where you can find a lot of reviews of different strollers.

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