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Jogging strollers – what jogging stroller to choose?

Jogging strollers make it possible to actively spend time with your baby – with a jogging stroller, you can roller skate, jog, or even... go mountain hiking! Find out what jogging stroller to choose and see the most interesting models.

Before you buy a jogging stroller...

There are plenty of jogging stroller models available at stores, although definitely much less than traditional strollers. Buying a jogging stroller requires thinking it through. A lot depends on what kind of activities you are into. Which is why, before you choose the first vehicle for your child, it’s a good idea to think about what it will be used for the most and what features it needs to have.

1. Pay attention to certificates

Nearly every sports three-wheeler allows to run and roller skate with it, but there are some models that come with special sports certificates – and that’s exactly what you should check out first. When you already know it while looking for a stroller that you’re going to be on the road often, make sure that a selected model can have its wheels removed (which makes it much easier to transport by a car).

2. Focus on functionality

Finally – if it is to be your only stroller – it is important that the front wheel swivels but can also be locked when going forward – such convenience allows the stroller to be used both when working out and when taking regular strolls around the streets of the neighborhood.

The most important pieces of equipment in a jogging stroller

A stroller’s appearance does matter, but what matters the most are those characteristics of it that make using it not only convenient but also safe. One of the best jogging strollers I can recommend is Bumbleride Speed. It has unique steering system with great maneuverability.

• Type of wheels and tubes

In sports strollers that are to be pushed over rougher terrains (woodland roads, sandy roads, mountain areas), the best choice will be air-filled tubeless wheels. If you’re planning to jog with the stroller over smooth park walkways – tube wheels will be enough.

• Shock absorbers

They impact whether the baby will feel any inconvenience while lying in the stroller. A suspension with good shock absorbers is essential. Another useful option is shock absorbers for the seat (sadly, there are only few models where they are available).

• Brake

The best option is two brakes: the parking brake is useful during regular everyday strolls, whereas the manual brake is necessary if you’re going to roller skate with the stroller and you happen to be going down a slight decline.

• Accessories

Before the purchase, it’s a good idea to check out what accessories are included in the set, what else can be bought separately, and how much it all costs. Think about what will be useful to you, i.e. an umbrella won’t be a necessity when away from home, what will be useful though are a mosquito net and a sun shade.

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