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Types of T-Shirts

What are the different types of T-shirt in the market today? T-shirts are one of the most popular clothing worn today. For many years, they have been a popular casual wear, especially for men. In the past, T-shirts were merely plain undergarments but over the years, they have evolved to become outerwear for different occasions.

Types of T Shirt - What are the Differences

Today, t-shirts come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, fabrics, and styles. Most of them are made of cotton which makes them easy to maintain and very comfortable for both genders to wear. With that said, let's look at the different types of t-shirt available in the market today. You can classify t-shirts based on their sleeve length, neck-shape, and fabric. In this article, we shall look at the first two types of classifications.

Types of T-shirts According to Sleeve Length

1. Sleeveless

Also known as muscle Ts, sleeveless t-shirts are t-shirts that when worn, leaves your shoulders and upper arms bare. These shirts usually have straps over the shoulders and can come in different styles for each gender. Muscle Ts are made for men and are mostly worn in warm weather or for layering other shirts. Sleeveless shirts for women, also known as camisoles, are often worn for layering. They can be plain or decorated.

2. Cap Sleeve T-shirts

This type is mostly for women and are designed to cover the shoulders, but don't extend under or around the arms. They may have an exaggerated or puffy cap shape giving them a feminine shape.

3. Short Sleeve T-shirts

Short sleeve t-shirts are the most common type of T-shirts and cover almost half of the upper arms when worn, although this may vary slightly. They can be either be more fitted for women or less fitted for men, and most people wear them alone or with an outer garment such as a jacket.

4. 3/4 Sleeve T-shirts

This t-shirts' sleeves extend below the elbow but the length may vary slightly. Some will extend to above the elbow or above the wrist. The can be a loose style or fitted style.

5. Long Sleeve T-shirts

These t-shirts are worn by both men and women and have sleeves that cover the arms up to the wrist. The ending of the sleeves can be like a cuff that's tight around your wrist or loose open wrist. They are often worn during cold weather although they are not that warm because they are made of a single layer of fabric.

Types of T-shirts According to the Neck-line Shape

T-shirts' necklines come in several variations. These include;

1. Round Neckline

Also, known as a crew neck, this is probably the most common t-shirt neckline available today. This neck shape allows the shirt to sit under the base of your neck. Because this neckline type goes around your neck uniformly to cover most of your chest, it makes it the most decent t-shirt neckline you can wear today.

2. V-neck T-shirts

These form a letter 'V' at the neck giving the neck a little more style and space than the regular round-neckline t-shirts. The V shape depth varies by brand or designer. Any gender can wear them.

3. Ringer Tees

These t-shirts have come with a separate piece of fabric that is sewn on the sleeve hems and collar.

To Summarize

These are some of the types of t-shirts available in the market. The main differences you’ll notice are the neckline and sleeve length. Other classifications are according to the fabric, color or pattern.

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