Lois Carson

Easy to Handle Carpet Stains Removal Methods

You may love your pet, but it can be bothersome when your pet goes to the bathroom at places where your pet shouldn’t go. Also, drinks you may enjoy and materials that you need in your house can stain your carpet. They can be annoying, but Carpet Cleaning in Beenleigh and removing carpet stains is easy to do. In fact, there are many different materials that can be used for removing carpet stains.

First, let’s look at what types of products can be used for removing carpet stains. General items that can be found throughout your home can be used for this. Rubbing alcohol, lemon juice and vinegar are especially popular. But for cleaning up specific types of stains you’ll need to use different methods.

Pet stains are the first type of carpet stains to consider. One option for removing carpet stains from your pets is to use a teaspoon of ammonia and a half cup of water. It can be sprayed onto the stain or poured right onto it. Paper towels can be used to blot the solution so that the stain can be cleared. Dish soap in a detergent solution is another choice. This is where a teaspoon of detergent and a quart of water are mixed to remove the stain. Water is the best option though, as it will rehydrate the stain so that it will be easier to clean out. A steam cleaner will be useful for removing the stain after this is done, and the area will need to be dried out after this is done.

Removing carpet stains like ink stains is also important. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, which can be found at supermarkets, is a use tool for removing carpet stains like this. It should be poured onto a white cloth or towel and blotted onto the stain until it can be removed. The solution should be blotted in one direction so that no stains will spread.

Beer and wine stains are common, but removing wine stains off carpet like these is easy. A solution with vinegar and wine can be used for this. A spray bottle is also needed for the solution to be stored in. After the stain sits for ten to fifteen minutes after you spray it you can use a sponge to rub out the stain. Rinse the spot with warm water after this and then brush the carpet back to its natural pattern. Paper towels should then be placed on the spot until it dries.

Removing carpet stains is easy to do, and you won’t damage any parts of your carpet with these easy to handle methods. In fact, by removing carpet stains easily you won’t have to be too upset over your pets or anything that you like or need because you know you can take care of stains that may come with them.

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