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FAKE NEWS Algorithm Google Brain and Facebook Heart Big Data Criminals prestonhudman

Preston Hudman proves that Facebook works for Google and helps cover things up for them. This video is made using clips from a show called "electric sheep mostly human on CNN" and is about algorithms, social media, fake news, Facebook, YouTube, Google, machine learning technology, big data, Donald Trump, Cambridge analytics, SEO, Sub Glitch, analytics etc. It explains how algorithms work and how famous people use it to spread fake news on behalf of Google and Facebook. Even though FB is taking the fall in this video it is clearly talking about Google much more than FB and because of the lies told by people in it. It is indeed being filtered by Google and used to promote Google's fake news agenda. Even though it does tell a lot of truth that the public does need to see ASAP its not the whole truth but that's where Preston Hudman comes in. The algorithm is going to promote content that gets clicked on a lot because it produces more watch time from the viewers and because famous people have big audiences that click on there content a lot it gives them prestonhudman the ability to band together and produce large amounts of fake news on behalf of Google. However, what they don't mention is the fact that most of the web traffic is PAID for and not actually genuine. Therefore it's the money AND the fame that allows them to control all forms of media on behalf of Google. Preston calls it Google brain and he describes it as if the movie the matrix was real life. He says that everything you see and/or hear has passed through Google's filter.... Unless your speaking to him. The core message of the video is this: algorithms and fake news go hand in hand but glitches have nothing to do with either because there are no glitches, not in YouTube, FB, twitter, algorithms are working as intended so is everything else. When the man uses the term "glitch" in this video what he means is this: If the algorithm does anything undesirable it is not the companies fault because it can think on its own so that's just a glitch. They want you to think that they are doing it "unknowingly". Only Google promotes that way so If you ever hear and or see those 3 things together then you know who's behind it. Those 3 things are Fake News, Algorithms, and Glitches. As you can see in this video we have PewdiePie and all the big YouTubers producing actual fake news by using the algorithm as explained and what is the fake news story about? The infamous "sub Glitch" that again DOES NOT EXIST because THERE ARE NO glitches and I know that it's fake news because it is a response to my very own video that I uploaded on Jan 28, 2017. Continue to the next video for more facts. Preston Hudman is releasing all this information as fast as possible and has been covered up by Google and YouTube for the last several years. They have stopped him from getting a silver play button and worse. They made an attempt on his life. Please continue to follow this breaking news story that was never told.

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