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The Negative Sub Glitch Biggest Glitch In YouTube History WAS A FAKE NEW CONSPIRACY to Cover Up Preston Hudman's Video Released

Preston Hudman releases a video on January 28 2017 that changes the world forever causing the negative subscriber glitch Pewdiepie YouTube conspiracy. Taken from negative sub glitch Jan 28 2017...this Is the day where Preston Hudman accidentally opened Pandora's box. On Jan 28, 2017, Preston Hudman uploaded a 1-hour video to YouTube that contained two major things... 1. He demonstrated that he was capable of tracking subscribers geolocation in real time before it has had a chance to update then he could compare the real data that was recorded in real time to the "fully updated" data that takes the place of the original data 48 hours after the original data occurs before Sep 18, 2017, the YouTube analytics did, in fact, update in real time and so the geolocations would update as soon s you lost subs. So what Preston did was record what the geolocations were and then moments after doing so he lost 16 subs. So he went back into the analytics to compare the recording he had just made to the newly updated geolocations shown in analytics and therefore could decipher the locations of who he just had lost. Well even though he lost 16 subs somehow during the exchange he actually gained 5 from the USA, only to then lose more than five making the already negative number go lower. Seeing this data in real time is important because what was recorded on that day is not reflected in the final version and never. The subscriber is gained and his geolocation is recorded, you could back then decipher his location before 2 days had passed and know where he was from. Then 2 days later what you had deciphered would be changed into the fully falsified version. For example: before Sep 18 2017 if you memorized that current days geolocations for all your subs and then you waited 2 days and went back to look at that exact day that you memorized ... It won't be the same and what you memorized will be gone completely. But you only had a 2-day window of opportunity to ever see the real geolocations of the subs coming in and going out and only if you knew how to track it. I believe Preston Hudman is the only man to be able to do this. 2. Preston predicted that the silver play button was special and that having it would mean becoming a paid youtuber and not having it would make you an outsider and also that Roberto Blake was in fact trying to keep people away from the silver play button all throughout his "how to get 100k video" where he suggests that people should hide the sub count when hiding the sub count just makes it impossible to buy subs and buying subs is exactly what Roberto and all other the other YouTubers do. More on this Roberto situation later when YouTube makes him pretend to be Preston Hudman's friend just to get information about his progress. That is all for now. 3. A 3rd thing happened on this day Jan 28, 2018, the day Preston released this video was also the day that "Bstv's channel was created. Yes, black screen TV the kid who discovered youtubes fake glitch and who was given 150k subs was actually created on Jan 28 2017 the same day as Preston's video. They (YouTube ) proceeded to launch the biggest fake news event ever 10 days later. Preston Hudman is releasing all this information as fast as possible and has been covered up by Google and YouTube and prevented form getting a silver play button. The reason being because he knows how to get the button without getting disqualified. Please continue to follow this breaking news story that was never told.

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