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YouTube Finally Changes the Website So That the Analytics No Longer Updates In Real Time Due to Preston Hudman Decoding the Subscriber Analytics.

so, Preston Hudman accidentally used too many alt accounts to subscribe to himself and triggered what is called a "chain ban". Its called that because when you get banned so do all the subs that are subscribed to that channel therefore it starts a chain reaction of bans. Preston had 11 channels instantly banned by this. He noticed that the email notifications came by way of the "update" tab in Gmail indicating that he had triggered it himself. So he appealed it and they responded by sending him a message that came through the inbox indicating that a person had reviewed the appeal and was responding. They said he had done nothing wrong and they gave him back access however it was short lived because 10 mins later before he even signed back into the channel all 11 channels were once again banned for the same reason! Somehow all 11 channels once again did too much sub 4 sub but this time it was YouTube doing it. They sent these notifications through the inbox this time not the update tab because Preston did not trigger it this time. So the option to appeal was now gone and they proceeded to stonewall Preston and keep him locked out for several months! He tried 2 more appeals but got denied! Several months later on September 18, 2017, they make changes to the analytics and suddenly when he did his 3rd appeal it got granted. He comes to find that what he was doing before in his video (tracking the geodata in real time) ...was No longer possible because they had stopped the analytics from updating in real time so we never get to see the real data not even during that 2-day window. So they make this update and claim it was to add additional sources and give us more granular options but in reality that was just a cover story because what they did not tell anyone is that the analytics was working in real time before that day but they broke it just to stop anyone from tracking the real geodata. At the same time that they remove our ability to track it during those 2 days they suddenly feel the need to explain what they are doing during those 2 days in the support page which is to check for spam. Funny how nothing actually changed yet they never felt the need to explain that part before because they just added it at that time. This was what they were working on the moment Preston made his video on Jan 28, 2017 and the whole bstv fake news thing was just to divert everyone's attention away from his video so nobody could take advantage of that window of opportunity where they could have recorded more genuine geodata to compare to the fake version negative subscriber glitch we all see as our analytics. Preston Hudman is releasing all this information as fast as possible and has been covered up by Google and YouTube for the last several years. They have stopped him from getting a silver play button and worse. They made an attempt on his life. Please continue to follow this breaking news story that was never told.

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