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10 Reasons to select Magento 2 for your eCommerce Website Development in 2018

Wordpress seems to have made a fantastic deal of evolution as a prevalent CMS to date, however, where eCommerce is considered Magento grasps the most prominent CMS title! Of course, the most prominent eCommerce websites and the leading developing brands make use of Magento to influence their eStores. Magento drives some of the huge brands such as Nestle, Nike, Samsung, Fox Connect, and Lenovo. Magento inhabits almost 26% of the eCommerce market which values the gratitude because of its primary and stretchy features. Therefore, building Magento rules the eCommerce space and providing a significant amount of flexibility to its users that more companies are moving towards this CMS for their online business.

As a result, now when you surf all over the internet and try to find out the top eCommerce platform that would work vigorously with your eStore, the response would be ‘Magento.‘. Whether you are building an innovative eStore or turning to a new web store service, you would find that Magento background is the great solution that meets all your business requirements.

There are many things to learn about Magento and its abilities. However, the perfect method to get the comprehensive intellectual view is by exploring its significant benefits.

Here are 15 reasons why you should be opting for Magento 2 over other eCommerce platforms:

1. Open-Source

Magento looks in two distinctive versions: The Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. The earlier version is entirely free without license price at all. There is for the complete flexibility with the objective that top eCommerce Development & Designing Company in India and the USA can alter or expand the code to meet business requirements and requisites.

2. Multiple features

Magento outshined among the top full featured eCommerce methods reachable in both the preventive and open source markets. It provides all that you have to deal with a complete business, comprising upgrades and stock administration. Great pre-built Magento features strengthen the user experience and boost selling potential.

3. Device Friendly

There are millions of professional, responsive templates presented for Magento. Well, with the new-fangled advents of Magento CE 1.9 and Magento EE 1.14, Magento responsive design is fortified by default! Also, if you are capitalizing out in the eCommerce platform, Magento might be your most compact option! Correctly implementing on your Desktop and Mobile setup enables you to enjoy all its salient features with ease.

4. Security

Magento reflects security as the most imperative and a top priority. It has a set of security professionals working 24*7 although Magento Enterprise version has a complete Secure Payment Bridge which assists you to achieve PCI agree-ability.

5. Performance

If you are looking for excellent quality performance, Magento is a perfect choice and thinking about all functionality together, Magento all together is just unique to the rest! Whether you are looking for an extra feature, Magento allows you to place a couple of constraints to fine-tune your website’s implementation. It comprises high-end cache systems, for instance, Varnish and other Database optimizations that assist in improving website performance.

6. Multiple Payment Gateways & Delivery Options

You can integrate Magento with any payment access system. It comes with various default sets; on the other hand, it can be successfully drawn-out to provide a custom-built integration to organize any store requirements.

7. International Support

Magento has created in support for localization, many languages, different currencies, and tax rates, enabling your web store to trade worldwide. It also supports highlight typescripts and RTL (right-to-left) text and goes with around 60 pre-described languages however you can build custom language packs. It has the facility to fix various tax parts and payment frameworks on a particular state basis.

8. Scalable Solution

Magento is a great scalable solution that can be used by any person, irrespective of how small or large is your organization. As your business develops, the scaling feature of Magento has excellent ability to include new features such as an infinite number of products to set or handling millions of orders without obstructing your website. Thus, we can ascend a massive amount of customers and products with ease. Not only this, Magento has a cutting-edge storage system that promises that your site is responsive without requiring expensive hosting infrastructure.

9. Advanced SEO Management

Magento SEO responsiveness is exceptional! It is built in such a way that it lets you tailor or adapt URLs and Meta-information of products, categories, content pages, descriptions, and keywords. It also offers Google-specific sitemaps and HTML sitemaps for users, providing enough choices to Google to find content and products.

10. Third Party Integration

To operate an effective eStore, Magento enables easy integration with a vast number of third-party services. This suggests that you can easily incorporate third-party extensions and solutions like external payment accesses such as Paypal; eBay, databases applications, Google analytics, Google shopping and shipping services such as shipping orders, tracking & the entire delivery process and many more. It also enables integration with WordPress CMS platforms.

11. One Step Checkout

Magento offers a one-step checkout process, assisted with protected SSL. The traders can construct the shopping cart by themselves and can also optimize it for prolonged conversions.

If you shift to the one-step checkout process, you will see a smaller amount of visitors leaving their shopping carts. Furthermore, there are lots of plugins that can be incorporated with Magento for a speedy and reliable checkout process to keep your clients pleased.

12. Multiple Stores & Language

Magento supports the different store, various setups and many languages from the same admin panel, saving enough time, cost and effort. Of course, the user can setup multi-stores within one installation. Similarly, because of its adaptableness, you can control the complete shop (and each module of it) to any language you need. You can easily use different languages in one shop or various shops. Overall you can be easily able to cope up your store’s billing, stock, product updating, client records and others from a particular admin dashboard.

13. Custom Module friendly

Magento offers above 1,900 eCommerce themes to download in Magento Connect, and developers have created many themes. It also enables custom elements that can be comprised to the organization without interfering with the source code and therefore all Magento updates works smoothly without excruciating any update. In the event, you have a meager budget you can choose the available Magento eCommerce themes.

14. Affordable

The significant benefit of making use of Magento is its affordability! Typically, one requires paying a massive amount for opting for a professional eCommerce platform. On the other hand, with Magento, one can make sure that the platform is free except the installation and customization prices.

15. It is Flexible, Versatile and Customizable

Magento is tremendously multipurpose; you can figure it to fit any industry. Well, if the intrinsic modules of Magento do not please you, you have an option to create extensions and obtain the elements you need. Yes, it provides you the greatest flexibility to modify your store both from front-end as well as back-end according to your particular needs. Although, as an eCommerce dealer whatever your exact need and requirements are, Magento will undoubtedly run an extra mile to suit them.

Magento 2 was released in the year of 2015 and is providing on its assurance of being a much better-quality and optimized version of the Magento 1 platform. Magento 2’s enhanced performance and innovative features offer your consumers faster, greater shopping experience.


They reshaped Magento 2 keeping performance in mind. Page loads in Magento 2 comprise of 30% to 50% faster. Researches prove that Magento 2 can manage up to 39% more orders per hour with 66% faster add-to-cart times than Magento 1 and with the correct hosting setup, it can provide almost immediate server answer times for catalog browsing. Speedier performance that means more user interface with your site, more products included to your site’s cart, and enhanced sales with a smaller amount of uninhibited carts.

The contrast shopping site Shopzilla saw a 25% increase in page views and a 9.5% augment in profits after turning to Magento 2 with Finish.

Magento 2’s greatest functionality means it can also deal with more and more traffic. Magento 2 can manage up to 10 million page views an hour; Magento 1 can only process 200,000. At assessment process, Magento 2 CE can manage 50,000 orders an hour; Magento 2 EE leads with the number of 90,000 at the same time.

How Does The Magento 2 Checkout Process Exceed Its Predecessor?

Magento 1 or M1 account had a six-step checkout procedure. It is necessary for consumers to fill in various areas. From checkout to delivery process, and billing to order analysis, consumers had to fill each page of information. This is because they might turn to the next step only after loading the earlier one. In other words, the checkout procedure was annoying and complicated. Such a process leads to cart rejection.

Now it appears with Magento 2. Welcome to the shrewdly created checkout process of just two steps! The Main for Delivery and second for Payment & Reviews. Easy-to-fill stages and an efficient method can help you face the challenge of card rejection professionally. In a few words, the Magento 2 Checkout Procedure has made the checkout know-how remarkable for the consumers.

Here are the five features that assist Magento 2 store owners in enhancing sales and offering the users with an exceptional checkout experience.

1. Guest Checkout

Most of the online buyers hate to sign up with your store. Just because of the unwieldy process of registration, they incline to leave the store. Magento 2 has smartly addressed this problem with the automatic guest checkout feature. It creates the checkout procedure easier and inspires the visitor to complete the order. There is no any need to register to buy anything.

2. Excellent Design

Native design plays a significant role to make the checkout procedure more agreeable. It keeps your clients away from misperception. For instance, Magento 2 platform shows an order precipitate, a small cart, along with product images on the right sidebar. It stays till the consumer/visitor finalizes the process. The mini cart, being reactive in nature, is available to smartphone users as well.

3. Payment Integration

How about incorporating various payment modes in your e-commerce store? It is the requisite of the hour as we have different digital payment choices. You can also build adapted payment components to meet your exact business requirements. Tailored Magento 2 Extensions come very conveniently for you to create such elements. The platform boosts the process if both billing and shipment addresses are equal.

4. Dynamic Shipping Rates

The Magento 2 platform has vigorous delivery charges. It means that the structure analyzes the delivery rate based on the shipment address. It shows your consumers all the information associated with the shipping rate. If the customer receives it, the price will redirect the shipping amount. You can also tailor the delivery rates for several products with this stunning feature. For instance, if you want to decrease or augment the shipping price for particular products, you can do it with this excellent feature.

5. No Disruption

Straightforwardness is one of most compelling features of Magento 2 platform. The checkout procedure of this platform is also disruption-free for your consumers! It comprises only the company logo and the Delivery and Payment tags. In contrast to this, the Magento 1 page has several links, or say, interruption points for consumers. It allows you to stop your consumers from visiting other websites and emphasize on finishing their orders.

Just place, Magento 2 is a gain of technological progressions and has expanded the ground presently with its comprehensible features and all-in-one functionalities. Be it check out or any other e-commerce-related characteristics, Magento 2 always pays attention of all!


Seemingly, we have our topnotch 15 reasons to select Magento. However, choosing an eCommerce Custom Magento Development Company – India and the USA for your e-Business is not a selection to be compromised. For this, Magento platform provides an excellent reason for your website offering you with lots of comprehensive resources. Nowadays, industries whether big or small are turning further Magento not only because of its effortlessness but also because of it’s opulent with customizable features, making it the excellent eCommerce platform.

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