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Active directory domain services unavailable

The issue may rather be that when you introduced MS Office, you didn't as of now have a PHYSICAL or VIRTUAL printer as of now introduced as the default. That has been the issue with the last six Win7 machines I've introduced to. I overlooked how I understood it with the others, so when attempting to introduce my 6th machine throughout the end of the week (yes, began last FRIDAY), at last yesterday I recollected what worked.

Step to solve active directory domain services unavailable


1. Uninstall all MS Office-related items. Just entire uninstallation amends the issue, at any rate in case you're utilizing MS Office 2003 and earlier. ALL parts must be uninstalled. Additionally, on the off chance that you introduced MS Office to some drive other than C:, uninstall and reinstall to C. (Adobe doesn't work properly with Word, if the last isn't totally introduced on the C drive.)

2. Ensure that in WINDOWS you have a physical or virtual printer set as your default, and that it works (i.e., print something). In the event that you've uninstalled your pdf converter, introduce it now UNLESS you need it to make include ins for Word (Acrobat 6-7,9 make Word include ins, as does SmartPDF Creator Pro).

3. At that point, reinstall MS Office items one by one, testing whether your default physical printer is perceived by them.

4. In the event that 3 is fruitful, at that point introduce your pdf converter. If not, at that point you've some other issue I don't know how to settle.

5. Your pdf converter, on the off chance that it introduces include ins, at that point should be tried inside and outside Word. With Adobe Acrobat, generally just the include works, yet Adobe still can't change over outside Word. On the off chance that you change over to Acrobat inside Word, make certain to uncheck the 'reflow and openness' boxes, and to check the 'connections' boxes that you need to port through. Else, they won't. Some way or another, reflow clashes with joins, and keeps them from being perceived when seen in Adobe Acrobat.

6. The consequence of #5 is that one of the two transformations (inside or outside Word), works accurately. I've never observed them two work effectively.

7. Before you permit Windows refreshes, clone your hard drive. Windows refreshes tend to harm pdf transformation, and I can't state why or what sort of updates. I just know it happens, in light of the fact that it's transpired ordinarily since November last. So now I've discovered that when I have this issue, to simply clone before applying refreshes, at that point if the issue repeats, to clone back to my hard drive utilizing Clonezilla, kill the machine a short time later, and afterward boot up.

I wish I could stop the updates, by and large. At long last, this system was utilized on 32-bit Windows, however since you're utilizing MS Office 2003, even on 64-bit, you ought to have an indistinguishable issues from I did.

If this not slow your active directory domain services unavailable error then you can check this too.

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