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How to Become a Better Table Tennis Player

So you want to improve your Table Tennis game?

Table Tennis is a great way to get a workout and have some fun doing it. But, It’s never fun to lose at anything especially with your friends or office colleagues. So whether you’re just trying to impress your friends or become a World Table Tennis champion, these guidelines and tips will help anyone improve their Table Tennis game.

Fitness Is Key

First Things First, if you want to improve your game you MUST be physically fit. Table Tennis is a mostly mental sport but, if you can't compete physically any match will become a struggle. It won't matter if you can hit your forehand 100 MPH if your hands are resting on your knees after the first set and you feel as if you just ran 10k marathon. If you are a competitive junior player you can sometimes find yourself play 2 or 3 matches a day when you are in a tournament. So remember the first step to improving your game is making sure you can stay out on the court and offer the same quality and effort you did at the start of the match.

Choose the Right Equipment

Like in any sport, your performance certainly depends on the equipment use. A player with professional table tennis racket will have an edge over a player with a normal racket. Same goes for the table tennis table and the ball used. Choosing equipment which matches your skill and performance requirement is very essential. There are sites like PingPongBros,, where you can read reviews about various table tennis equipment.

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way to perfect your Table Tennis shots is to Practice Practice Practice! What most people don't understand that Table Tennis is a game of repetition? I am a certified ITTF Table Tennis coach and I always see that the players who are playing the most Table Tennis always improve the most. Sadly I have seen many kids who have infinite amount of potential not even come close their potential because of lack of motivation and court time. Remember if you want to improve your game you must put in the court time. Also, in order to get the most out of practice you must formulate a plan on what you want to accomplish when on the court. (e.g. On certain days only focus on your forehand and other days your backhand or serve) Drills are a great and simple way to help perfect your shots and help improve your Table Tennis game. There is a huge variety of drills your can do with a partner and the great thing is most of them are available to you for FREE online.

Get Involved With Your Local Table Tennis Club

Most Local Table Tennis clubs hold clinics and offer private lessons. Going to clinics will help you in meeting new friends and improving your Table Tennis game. At Table Tennis clinics you will usually be in a group where there is an atmosphere where you can feel more relaxed and enjoy playing while learning Table Tennis. Table Tennis clinics will help you work on all your shots and build some confidence on court. The only negative of being in clinics is that sometimes it can get crowded and a coach might not be able to give you his undivided attention. This is where private lessons come in. Private lessons are great because it gives you one-on-one time with a coach where you can ask him as many questions as you want about whatever you want. Sadly there is a negative to private lessons. Private lessons can become expensive ranging everywhere from $30 to $100 an Hr. But, don't let the price intimidate you. Private lessons are well worth the money.

Earn Experience By Playing Matches

After you have gotten all your strokes down and are able to play matches you need to get out there and play matches. Match play will help you build confidence in yourself and your strokes. It doesn't matter how good your strokes are you will not start winning until you have racked up some match play experience. As a beginner there are many ways you can get matches you can join a Table Tennis league, find a local player to play or even sign up for a tournament.

Use can help you get ANY information you want about starting to play Table Tennis and improving your game.

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