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How to Get to the Hinterlands

The journey to Hinterlands can be a tough ride, you need to take off all the weapons and armors before you go. Here at Willing to do, we are going to teach you how to get to the Hinterlands from Stormwind.

How to Get to the Hinterlands?

To reach Hinterlands, you need to go through a number of difficulties such as dangerous paths, steep mountains, and angry highways. Sometimes you get stuck and have to turn back and choose a different route.

Here is how to get to the Hinterlands:

Silvermoon to Ghostlands

Go to Silvermoon city and head to the south. Face the monster that’ll appear out of nowhere, try to run past it or kill it. Once you reach Ghostlands, keep following the winding path to get to Plaguelands.

Arrival in Plaguelands

As mentioned earlier, the journey is more dangerous than you think, you may die before reaching Plaguelands. You will find yourself in a graveyard, you can either go to your gravestone and get your life back or you can go to Orgrimmar.

From Western Plaguelands to Silverpine

Once you arrive at Western Plaguelands, head to the west. After a while, you will end up in one of the three locations - Hillsbrad Foothills, Eversong Woods, or Silverpine Forest.

Searching for Undercity to reach the Towers

You’ve passed of the difficulties, now your journey will be easier. Look into the mini map and head to the Undercity. There, in Brill, you will find two towers in the north, the left tower is your path to Orgrimmar.

Boarding the Zeppelin

At the Zappelin tower, there will be Goblins telling you where this Zappelin is heading to, wait for the one that goes to Orgrimmar. Once you get into the right Zeppelin, wait a minute or two and you’ll be on your way.

From Stromwind to Hinterlands

From StormWind, take Deeprun Trolley and travel east to Wetlands. From there, go north to the Arathi Highlands and travel west to get to the great wall and enter Southshore.

Once you see griffins flying over the mountain road, pass through them and discover Hinterlands to end your journey.

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