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10 Best Social Networks For App Marketing

Apps have become more and more popular in the way in which they attract customers and clients. They are now customized and this helps improve relationships. It can take time and energy to develop something like this. After all this hard work, you want to make sure that it is a success. People won’t know about the app if you don’t spread the word.

There are various marketing tools to help get the word on the street. However, you also have to take the right approach. It will depend on your business and your app. There is no doubt, social media is the best tool when you are looking to promote yourself. However, there are so many different platforms. You need to find that right ones that are going to bring in the best results. You also need to be disciplined in the way that you update your various accounts. This will make all of the difference.

Here are a few of the platforms that are recommended for a mobile app development company.


Practically everyone has a Facebook account. Users will share something which they find of value to themselves. Facebook marketing is an inexpensive way of searching for people who are most likely to look into your particular app. You will be able to target specific groups of people by searching for people in a specific category, based on their age, interests or occupation.


This is a very important platform for a marketer because it is the SEO strategy that you are looking at. It will be contributing to your rankings. The more shares you get from this platform, the higher your rankings will be in the search engine results. This is something for every mobile app development company to think of doing.


Most people love Twitter because you can scan the posts so quickly. If you find something interesting, there is usually a link where you are able to read more about the content. It is easy to promote yourself here because it only takes a few minutes to do this every day. It is also easy to access the account and probably one of the reasons why it is so popular.


This network has been growing successfully in recent times. It is a great way to post longer articles. Your audience is already established. However, you will grow other followers as time goes by. It is a good idea to have different types of networks - some which allow quick posts and others where you are able to submit lengthy articles. Links from twitter and Facebook can be directed here.


This has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. App development companies will need to show off what they have produced in a more visual manner. Instagram is for people who just enjoy browsing at photos instead of reading lengthy posts. People tend to create a big following here. However, the trick is to keep on submitting. In this way you will create a better online presence. It is quick to submit and you will soon gain followers as you begin to spend more time on this particular network.


While Pinterest is excellent at promoting yourself, also in the visual format as well as being able to link to articles, they recently put up new policies. They try and avoid a business who wants to promote themselves. This is why you have to be careful of how you approach this. Your posts should not contain an element of a sales pitch. Instead, they should be friendly and personalized. One should also realize that Pinterest is used mostly by women who read recipes and read material on health, for example, so it will depend on the app you have created.


Many iPhone and Android App Development Companies use Youtube . This is part of Google, so it is a great place to reach out to. Millions of people share their content here. You will benefit from the amount of likes and shares that you receive. You will find out more what people say by the comments that you receive. Most people don’t want to sit in front of a lengthy clip. Something short and sweet that is professional at the same time will help you get ahead in your marketing campaign. Links can be directed from other social marketing sites.


This is more of a professional touch which can do wonders for your business. A mobile app development company will often set up a profile here. A company who is looking for a certain type of app will connect with someone else who may find this company through another connection. Building connections and networks is a great way of doing business and making yourself known.


This is a popular forum where there are constantly users that will vote your app up or down. You obviously have to be confident of doing this. When your app gets voted down it won’t go in your favor. However, there will be situation when you get a bad review or you brushed up the wrong way. You will have rejections from time to time, and the secret is not to take it personally. It can help you in the long run. Many people are not professional and may even just be having a bad day.

Guest posts and blogging

Of course, this is not a social media network essentially. There are many blogs who you can write for. However, you have to select with care. This may be something that you want to opt out of. But if you were to find a large publication which is very popular, the chances are that you will do very well in terms of your marketing campaign. There are a range of community sites that allow blogging as well. However, you need to sift through these as well.

What to do Next?

This may seem like a lot of work. Posting on a daily basis to one account can seem mentally draining and overwhelming. However, when you take a look at 10 platforms, it can be something you will want to avoid.

Coming up with a plan is the first thing you need to do. It doesn’t mean that you have to choose to submit to all 10. You need to decide which are going to be most effective. Some companies decide to hire a personal assistant who will do the marketing for them. However, you also have to spend some time on Facebook and twitter for example. Maintaining personal relationships with your clients is important. They want to know the person behind the business logo.

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