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Why are children so obsessed with Assignment

Education is one of the most important aspects of a young person’s life. The school takes most of the child’s day and it pretty much defines the kid’s future. Success is important to children, as it is to adults, especially in such an important part of life such as school. A lot of parents try to help their kids through school, as much as they could, but is it for the best? How parent’s or teacher’s expectations reflect upon children? Let’s try and find the answer why are children so obsessed with their assignments, and where can that behavior lead a child.

Overparenting as an issue

One of the main reasons kids try to succeed by any means necessary is because of the overwhelming influence of their parents. It’s not bad to be an active part of your child’s education, but it can sometimes lead to problems. Kids look up to their parents and try to satisfy their demands as much as they can. Sometimes it’s because of positive motivation and sometimes successful assignment is a way to prevent being grounded.

Parents that are overprotective and too involved in their children’s academic are not doing their children a favor. Waking a child up for school, preparing their books, working on their homework and assignment, these are all mistakes parents make. This type of parenting creates a child with low self-confidence; in return, the child will have trouble working on its own. School assignments would become an obsession and difficult to complete with no help.

On the other side, those parents that have high demands from their children can also make a child feel unsure. A kid will try to do everything to satisfy their parents and that will turn school assignments into nightmares instead of learning method. Keeping up with child’s school obligations is one thing, but trying to manage them is completely another. If parents want their children to be successful, they should teach their kids to be more self-depending.

Lack of learning skills

Another big issue that makes kids seem obsessed with assignments is their lack of organization and learning skills. A lot of kids are unable to organize their time in order to complete an assignment on time. This is due to poor learning skills most of the time. Kids have a problem deciding when and where to start working on their assignment and with work piling up as time goes by, things don’t get better at all.

Helping your kid organizing it’s time and teaching it to be responsible is one of the things a good parent should do. As a result, the child won’t be obsessed with its assignment and will see it as a normal everyday activity. This will also allow the kid to prepare and deliver a successful assignment with ease. The reason for that is because the kid will have enough time to do research and write a good assignment.

School assignments are important, children should be aware of that. Kids should also know that it’s possible to deliver a successful assignment just by working to the best of your abilities. Parents have a large and important role in their children’s academic life. This goes especially for younger school children, parents have a large influence over them. It is important for the parents to realize that they should not put extra pressure on their kids. They already feel enough pressure as it is. Instead, parents and teachers should keep an eye and make sure they are there when a child needs them.

What’s your opinion on this topic, do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below.

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