Mickle Clarke

5 Tips for Hair Loss Before It’s Too Late

Who doesn’t love to have healthy and shiny hair? Hair can change the look of your face positively. On the other hand, excessive hair loss can be troublesome which can cause worry and affect your self-esteem. However, if diagnosed the right problem at the right time can help you control your hair fall problem. Let’s find out 5 best tips for hair regrowth before it’s too late and find some solutions to keep your hair healthy.

1. Have Nutritious Diet and Exercise

Nutritional deficiency can be one of the reasons for your hair loss. To maintain the health of our hair, we should include protein, copper, zinc and iron to our diet. Lack of Vitamin D also causes hair loss problems. So, to avoid this, ensure you get up early, get outside and soak up some sun for the health of your hair and start consuming all the nutrients required for healthy hair.

2. Cure Your Thyroid Problem

The growth cycle of hair also gets affected by the thyroid hormone. If the Thyroid gland starts producing excessive or very less hormone than required, your hair cycle gets affected badly. A person with thyroid problems also has weight gain issues and sensitivity to heat and cold. Exercise and consumption of green vegetables and fruits help in maintaining the thyroid level.

3. Check for PCOS Or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS is a hormonal imbalance problem in females. In this syndrome, the androgen level produced higher than required. This hormonal balance causes thinning of hair, acne and facial hair problem, and weight gain. Having a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids helps in controlling the hormonal imbalance problem and maintain the quality of hair.

4. Less Use of Hair-Styling Products

Over treating hair styling products like chemicals, pressing machines and dryers makes your hair weak. One must also be careful while choosing shampoo and conditioner. Always try to use a shampoo that has less or no sodium laurel sulphate. Copper Peptides are proved to impede hair growth and increase hair loss.

5. Oiling Once A Week

Oiling improves the blood circulation and nourishes the roots of the hair. Massaging your hair once a week and shampooing it after 2-3 hours maintains the hair quality of hair and cures hair loss. For all kinds of hair, type oiling is the best and basic hair care routine as it revitalizes hair tissue, fights hair fall, relaxes your head and improves blood circulation in the head.

Note: Do not keep the oil on your head for more than 24 hours or do not go out when you have put hair oil on your head. Otherwise, it will start accumulating dirt on the scalp which will weaken your hair and increase the hair fall problem.

Apart from the above-mentioned points one must regular trim hair and cut off the split ends. Stop taking too much stress, avoid taking hot showers or wash hair with hot water, combing wet hair and wear tight hairstyles.

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