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How to Fit Yoga into your Daily Routine

Isn't it time to reap the benefits of yoga? (Trust me, it is!)

How to Work Yoga into Your Daily Routine

In recent years, yoga has become wildly popular as a form of exercise for both the body and mind. Because just about anyone can do yoga, it is used to remedy an array of issues, from poor circulation to stress.

However, some people don’t have the time or energy to include a full yoga routine in their day. Others don't know how to . If this describes you, but you still want to reap the benefits of yoga, rest assured that there are ways for you to benefit from yoga, without completing a full routine. Here are four ways to work yoga into every part of your life:

1. 5-Minute Morning & Bedtime Yoga

We’re all stiff and inflexible in the morning, which may make yoga seem like the last thing you’d like to do as soon as you wake up. But, sacrificing five minutes as soon as you wake up gives you the energy boost you need to start your day.

Plus, starting your day by quickly warming up your muscles and clearing your mind, will continue to benefit you throughout your day with a heightened ability to focus and be present.

Then, finishing your day with a quick yoga session will give you the relaxation it takes to have a good night’s rest. Studies show doing yoga before you go to bed improves sleep quality, improves blood circulation, and makes you more alert when you wake up. Everyone has time for 5 minutes of yoga when they wake up and go to sleep, so there’s no excuse to miss out.

2. Healthful Breathing Techniques 

Most yogis know that one of the most important parts of your yoga practice is to breathe correctly. In fact, what separates yoga many other forms of exercise is how you breathe to activate all parts of your body. Because breath is so closely connected to the nervous system, slow and purposeful breathing can calm and relax the body.

Pranayama, the style of breathing encouraged in yoga, can be used during meditation, while you’re waiting in line, or while you work. We encounter so much stress every day, but we have the capability to bring the relaxation we feel during yoga into every aspect of our lives, and we don’t need a full yoga routine to do it.

3. Regular Stretching

Many people face jobs that force them to spend most of their time sedentary, but when most of our time is spent sitting, our muscles’ health is jeopardized.

In fact, studies show that one hour of sitting is as bad for you as a cigarette. To counteract this, all it takes is 5 minutes every hour of stretching. By taking deep breaths and listening to the areas of tension in your body, you can keep your muscles engaged and mind focused all day.

4. Mindfulness

The purpose of yoga is to center your mind and live with intent. At the end of a full yoga session, after an hour of pranayama breathing and exercising your body, there is no paralleled level of focus, relaxation, and mindfulness.

Studies show that yoga reduces stress in people with anxiety, allowing more room to be present in your day. If the purpose of yoga is to remain mindful, then you can achieve this through reducing stress in your life and staying in the moment.

Although you would benefit most from a full yoga routine, there are still ways to find inner peace in your day without sacrificing the time. People do yoga to center themselves, to better their health, and to find balance on and off the mat. Through small changes and practices that you add to your day, you can stay energized and focused, like you just got out of yoga class.

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