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Using seals and stamps in paperwork, with their help we confirm the legality of the document and the authenticity of the information contained in it. Also, stamped products help to assure the signature of the official, who puts a stroke on official paper. So the manufacture of stamps is a very popular service.

What a print is, even a child knows. In fact, this is a hand tool, which consists of two elements - a cliche and a handle, for which it is held when affixing the print. Since mankind has been manufacturing stamps for many years, there are already acquired skills. Modern technologies can significantly speed up the execution of the order. And not to the detriment of the quality of the finished product.

Production of stamps in accordance with technology and law

Due to the special importance of stamped products in the activities of any enterprise or organization, special requirements are put forward for its manufacture. True, we have already departed from the strict rules of the Soviet era, when such production was strictly controlled by the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. Then not only the cliché manufacturing process was regulated, but the number of manufacturers was clearly established. Therefore, only with the collapse of the Union did the number of companies engaged in providing such a service begin to grow.

This trend has had both negative and positive consequences. On the one hand, today the consumer is not safe from meeting with an irresponsible manufacturer. If earlier industrial enterprises were strictly controlled, and their products were checked at the highest level, now there is no such control. Therefore, some unscrupulous businessmen are also looking for ways to cash in by manufacturing low-quality products.

On the other hand, after lifting the restrictions, the manufacturing companies got their hands on the widest range of technologies. After all, previously it was possible to make seals only from metal or rubber. Now, there are manufactures from other materials, which significantly expanded the capabilities of manufacturers.

Company seal: we are looking not only for price but also for quality

Although today there is a risk of encountering an irresponsible manufacturer, fortunately, no one bothers to find a reputable stamp maker that will fulfill the order efficiently and quickly in accordance with technological requirements and the law. After all, the best equipment will give an excellent result only if it is used competently.

Take, for example, photopolymer technology. It would seem that for the production of cliches with its help you do not need to be seven spans in the forehead. Moreover, you will not need too expensive and bulky equipment. So, in the workshop you need to find a place for a computer and a printer, an exhibiting camera and a dry-heat cabinet. An automatic washing is also useful.

However, in order to make stamps, you need to know a lot of subtleties. For example, some photopolymers, of which cliches are made, there are a huge number of species. All of them have different characteristics that you need to be able to understand in order to choose the perfect option. Only in this case, the finished stamp will serve the prescribed time and will not be destroyed prematurely.

Finally, even such a moment as selecting a handle for a cliche requires certain knowledge and experience. After all, the equipment should correspond to the size of the print. Otherwise, the load on the cliche will be uneven, and it will fail more quickly. That is why it is worth choosing the manufacturer company with responsibility, focusing not on the cost of its services, but on the reputation.

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