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Parameters for choosing a quality vape: type of atomizer, power Bix mod, ready-made kit or assembly. Top vape makers for beginners and advanced vapers

A high-quality vape and an electronic cigarette are less harmful than traditional smoking. Since the process does not burn tobacco, but smolders, the risk of respiratory diseases is reduced. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, the number of smokers of electronic cigarettes and vapes is growing in the world. If in 2012 there were 10 million people, then in 2018 their number has already exceeded 40 million and is constantly growing.

It is best to choose a vape by the following parameters:

Atomizer Type: Serviced or Unattended

The latter is ideal for a beginner. You do not need to suffer, replace and lay cotton wool - the manufacturer has already done everything for you. If after some time it fails, unscrew it and replace it with a new one. In addition, its mechanics are simpler, so the cost is lower.

The serviced atomizer provides the user with the ability to select wire, cotton, and other components. This is an option for advanced smokers who know the structure and its properties. A beginner can put cotton wool incorrectly, which will lead to permanent smudges, and eventually breakdown.

Power Bix Mod

This is the basis of your cigarette. The entire operation of the device will depend on its power. The best option for a modern cool vape is 100W. When choosing a Bix mod, also pay attention to the possibility of removing the battery. This will extend the life of your device. In addition, you need to consider the size of the landing site. It is on most models 23-25 ​​mm.

Buy a kit or assemble yourself?

Different types of vape in the assembly are cheaper than assembled with your own hands. You can see this for yourself on https://vawoo.co.uk/ Often, manufacturers add more economical options for atomizers to the finished set. The collected vapes are suitable for beginners who do not understand the configuration, features of the device.

To make it easier for you to choose, we offer Top vapes by manufacturers:


One of the most popular vape, e-cigarette and liquid companies. Their devices have many advantages, as they actively respond to customer reviews and quickly eliminate the disadvantages. Joyetech vapes are well-equipped and stylish. In addition, this company has inexpensive consumables, which also goes in favor of their popularity.


The company calculates the optimal set of options for both a beginner and a seasoned sweater. Eleaf vapes and cigarettes are of high quality, light weight and loyal prices. New users will like the simple functionality that you use at the level of intuition, and design.


The electronic devices of this manufacturer are classified as premium. Their main characteristics are high-quality assembly, original design and value for money.


A popular brand that receives many positive user reviews. Cigarettes and vapes of this manufacturer have a noble design, high quality materials and assembly, which makes it possible to serve the device for a long time without failures. Beginners will notice for themselves the low cost of components.


This is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and vapes. Their products have passed international certification for safety and environmental friendliness such as ROHS and ISO. These are high-quality cigarettes that differ from competitors in premium status, sophisticated design and durability.

Which vape is better ? An ideal device does not exist, because the various types of electronic cigarettes and vapes in the modern market will allow you to find the right option for you. When choosing, pay attention to the power of the Bix mod, the type of atomizer and design.

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