Mike Lee

How Technology is Improving High School Education

Over the past thirty years, technology has become an integral aspect of our society - a tool that we will now and never be able to fully live without. Whether we love, hate it, or are completely indifferent.

Close your eyes and imagine the education system from thirty years ago...

Dusty textbooks in dark libraries, whiteboards, and spotty wifi connections…

Long gone are the dark ages of high school learning; the future of our educational system has arrived.

Technology and education have become synonymous.

As one can imagine, with constant advancements and new learning tools that are being created every single day, it is imperative that the new generation of students are receiving the best possible education the Miami high schools can provide.

While many parents and guardians (and some old-school educators) may not be completely on board with the idea of integrating high-tech innovations into the educational system. There are several ways that technology can have a positive impact on the learning of our young, bright, generation.

Recent statistics have shown that the American educational system has fallen behind on a global scale. It is time to evaluate our resources and take action to ensure that the next generation is ready for the real world and all of its amazing possibilities.

Today we will delve into the many ways that technological advancements can make our students the best and the brightest.

1. Creative Enhancement:

For so many years, teachers and educational facilitators banned the use of mobile devices and smartphones in the classroom because the technology was once seen to be a distraction and ultimately a threat to the learning experience of the students. Thanks to extensive research and years of trial and error, we have learned that using technology in a classroom setting allows for a positive and creative outlet for learning.

2. Learning for all:

Miami may be one of the largest central hubs in the United States, however, many school systems have not evaluated their educational programs and created a comprehensive plan to seamlessly integrate technology and learning.

Unfortunately, many high school students do not have the means or accessibility to acquire the best technology they need to learn. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the education system to provide all of the tools that students need to reach their fullest potential. Receiving a high-quality is vital and by integrating technology, and providing the right tools- the sky’s the limit for what students can achieve.

3. Enhanced Communication:

Technology has been proven to significantly increase engagement between both peers and their teachers. It is not uncommon for parents and guardians to question the increase of technology in the classroom. After all, many research studies have been conducted and have shown that technology has not always had a positive impact on social relations in millennials.

However, that is not necessarily the case. Technology is constantly changing and adapting, it is so important that students and learners of all ages continue to adapt along with it. With the increased use of technology in the school system, students will have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with both their peers and their teachers. Integrating learning platforms that feel familiar and easy to use will help improve engagement rates both inside and outside of the classroom experience. Technology is about communication and effective communication will improve the overall learning experience for both the students when it comes to term papers, final projects and collaborating with their peers. Whether the assigned coursework is a term paper or a final project. Technology will create a more effective and productive work environment for both the students and the teachers that will be evaluating their work.

Another wonderful benefit of implementing technology is the ease of social connections with peers. More and more students around the country experience forms of social anxiety that affects everything from their social lives to their overall work performance. It is now easier than ever to converse with their peers, using platforms that are familiar and easy to use...

4. Improved experience for teachers:

Teachers are the backbone of our society. They are the facilitators of learning and knowledge and it is imperative that these amazing individuals are provided with the tools they need to be to prime students to reach their fullest potential. Advanced technology is just as important for teachers as it is for students. There are several ways that technology can improve the classroom environment for everyone.

The use of online platforms such as Blackboard can provide ease in submitting homework for students and provides a way for teachers to give constructive feedback to students quickly.

Tech can simplify the grading process so they can spend more time engaging with students.

And finally, the increased use of tech will help in organizing class schedules, releasing assignment and simplifying the learning system.

5. Environmental Impact:

While at first glance there does not seem to be a direct impact between technology and the environment. The reduction of paper waste will significantly improve our ecosystem. For years classrooms thrived on constant printed pages from textbooks, binders, handouts, homework assignments and various teacher logs. Over the years we have wasted an incredible amount of precious resources. By phasing out excessive paper use in our high schools we are teaching our students to become more responsible consumers and protecting our beautiful environment at the same time!

The ability to learn, grow and adapt is right at our fingertips. Our society has made great strides in the past thirty years, not just in our education system but our technology as well. In the next thirty years who knows how advanced our world may become. By seamlessly integrating technology into our educational system, we are paving the way for the future generation. As we have learned there are so many benefits that can result from the implementation of advanced technology into the best Miami high schools. From enhancing peer to peer communication, stimulating creativity and increasing the overall effectiveness of teacher facilitation- the possibilities are endless.

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