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The Importance of Erosion and Sediment Control

Understanding soil erosion and sedimentation is very important for those dealing with construction site or subsurface job. Failing to follow proper soil erosion and sediment control procedure can be quite costly.

The word soil erosion means the detachment or removal of fertile soil, sediment and another rock fragment that is the result of heavy rain, wind, storm, snowfall or gravity. Whereas sediment is a natural occurrence of materials broken into pieces by the processes of soil erosion and harsh weathering conditions, that is transported by the action of heavy rain, or ice, storm and/or by the gravity force on a particle.

Erosion And Sediment Control is critical for several construction activities that include removal of the protective ground cover, land filling, deteriorating or fill materials. As a result, all state and city municipalities have ordered to control the amount of soil erosion and sediment in order to prevent further issues.

The Importance Of Erosion And Sediment Control

The distributed silt, soils and other materials that lose in the environment can end up as deposits in the rivers, dams, and storm water drains. The deposition if these loosen materials have the potential to cause both long and short-term environmental issues. Some of the environmental issues are mentioned below:

Loss of habitat

Blocked stormwater drains that result in flooding

Top fertile, natural soil washes off

Increased health issues caused because of increased algal bloom

Clogged infiltration devices, causing permanent failure

So as you can see sedimentation and soil erosion ultimately affects everyone. Effective soil erosion and sediment control methods can reduce both undesirable environmental impacts and cost.

Soil Erosion And Sediment Control measures are generally classified into two main categories:

Temporary Control Measures: These measures are created for controlling the impact of erosion during the construction phase. After the completion of projects when the permanent measures are installed, the temporary measures are removed.

Permanent Control Measures: These control measures are incorporated into the overall construction site or design in order to address the long-term post soil erosion and sediment control.

Effective erosion and sediment control can be maintained by placing the control measures close to the source itself.

What Are The Benefits Of Effective Onsite Erosion And Sediment Control?

Effective on-site soil erosion and sediment control practices can provide several helpful social, economic and environment. Below listed are few of those benefits:

Reduced clean up expense

Improved health and safety on the construction site

Reduced downtime due to improved wet weather conditions

Better fishing, boating, improved waterways etc

In case your construction site is threatened by the damages of soil erosion and sediment, it's always better to call the professionals for best result and peace of mind.

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