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How Millennials Are Getting Rid Of Essay

History of writing is as old as the hills, but things are taking a different turn anyway. You may want to blame it on generational changes, or the fact that technology is having a huge toll on literary composition. However, that is only part of the story. A lot is happening, and when it comes to values people once attached to education, you will agree that essay writing is on the brink of death. In this post, find out why millennials are no longer at ease with academic literary composition. But first, let’s take note of a few things.

Understanding millennials from the educational perspective

The big question is this: Are millennials more creative than the Xers or Boomers generation? And if it’s true, it is the reason why they do not want to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to prove a point? Or do we say, like every other thing, education is experiencing a paradigm shift, and there will be no more need for a written persuasive essay?

The truth is that, while there are pivotal pointers providing a basis for answering the above questions, millennials, you will agree, are a complex generation. If you are a university student, you belong to this generation that continues to revolutionize ways of living, creating and thinking. Millennials have continued to re-imagine century-old technological predictions, yet they become victims of their craft.

Think about, for example, how with the help of PapersOwl, today’s students are only a click of the button or a tap away from landing a lucrative online essay sale. Looks easy, right? Well, that’s a millennia’s world for you.

The end of essay writing: Millennials’ role

For many years now, academic writing has epitomized testing a student’s academic prowess. But going by the changing face of academia, it is likely to end soon. It is because millennials are taking a U-turn from writing papers to things they deem fit. They are shunning the need for crafting original papers because they believe in being unique.

A study reports that while Naplan remains a preferred way of testing numeracy and literacy skills of Aussi students, a decline in writing skills among high school and college students is a worrying trend. Students are no longer participating in essay writing as actively as they did over a decade ago. The only best explanation is that millennials no longer find essay composition as the best fit in measuring intelligence. And while they may have a point, not to mention an ongoing debate about the usefulness of homework, it is far too a call to make.

Ways in which millennials doing away with essays

Now, if you have been keenly following essay writing, the recent crackdown on custom writing agencies may not have come as a surprise. But to cut millennials some slack, the following help explain why essays are no longer their instant cup of coffee:

They like readymade

When penning down his thoughts about millennials on the Guardian U.K, Tomas Chamorro –Premuzic, an organizational psychologist who specializes in people analytics, sought to understand this generation where people who like readymade. He opines that millennials are lazy yet very ambitious. Their work ethic, according to Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, is lukewarm.

Now, basing your arguments on such sentiments, and also taking into account how high expectations for a good life after college has turned into joblessness, millennials have no time to work hard at school. They do not believe in humility or discipline as pathways to success, but rather, drowned in self-belief that with a readymade online custom paper, anyone can get a good grade.

Social media addicts whose writing skills die fast

Old habits, they say, die hard. But that’s fallacious in the context of millennials who are looking for instant gratification from social media and obsessed with self. They are connected to the world more than ever, giving them a know-it-all impression. There has never been a time when teachers have had to tell students to revise essays as thoroughly as they ask them to now. Students in this age like to copy-paste content then shamelessly take credit for someone’s work. If you dig deeper, you will discover that one of the biggest contributors to plagiarism is social media, a space that millennials find pleasure, caring less about their writing skills.

For a millennial, essay writing is boring

It is not easy to motivate millennials, but based on many studies, you will agree that they are a generation that is highly engaged with things from which they draw fun. Here, think about the internet as a whole, most importantly, its edutainment value the focal point. You realize that instead of spending hours writing a 1500-word essay, a millennial would rather join a class where gamified teaching is the order of the day. They belong to a generation that believes in technology and entertainment, even if it costs them academic grades in essay writing.

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