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Learn How To Create iPhone Apps

The iPhone app development business is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative opportunities today. There are over 170,000 active app developers present in the app store and well over half a million apps ready to be downloaded at any given time.

With the increasing demand for Apple products, new app developers across the globe are scrambling to enter the app store only to find out they're unable to compete with other developers due to a lack of essential business knowledge and technical proficiency.

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Although there are many resources online available to help aspiring developers create iPhone apps, there is only a handful that describes the entire app development process, from development to marketing.

One such resource, known as iPhone Dev Secrets has been recommended by app creators time and time again as one of the best and most comprehensive tools for learning how to create "iPhone apps that are able to make profits in the app store.

In this review, we'll cover the various training modules contained within iPhone Dev Secrets and help you decide whether or not this course is the right choice for you.

What is iPhone Dev Secrets?

iPhone Dev (Developer) Secrets is an online video training course created by well renowned app developer & businessman Joel Comm that aims to show you how to create your own apps and properly market them through the app store.

This course is intended to be used by people who have an interest in learning how to create their own apps but have no prior programming or marketing experience and by experienced developers looking to increase the popularity of their apps in the App Store.

Throughout this course, you'll be given access to valuable inside information regarding the entire app development process and develop a firm understanding about how to create fully functional apps for iOS devices.

The creator of this course has personally consulted with several top developers in the app store to come up with the most effective strategies and tips to ensure your success after using the training provided.

What's included in the course?

The iPhone Dev Secrets course is designed to stretch over four weeks, with each week covering a new topic. However, the time it takes for you to complete this course will be contingent upon your level of skill, work ethic and app development experience.

The first week covers the basics of app development and introduces you to some key concepts and theory surrounding the development process. You'll be given step-by-step guidance and learn how to create your first basic app using the Cocos2D toolkit.

The second week is where things start to pick up a little bit. During this week, you'll go into greater depth about using the Cosos2D toolkit and also be introduced to fairly advanced app development using Xcode and iWebKit.

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You'll learn about creating 2D and 3D games and apps during your third week. And finally during the fourth week, you'll be given detailed instructions about how to market your apps appropriately in the app store. You'll learn various strategies and tips used to monetize your apps and how to ensure your apps get approved through Apple's Developer Program.


• Excellent resource to help you get started with app development

• Extensive collection of information

• Advanced concepts are easy to understand

• Compatible with a wide range of iOS devices

• High quality video lessons

• Frequently updated to accommodate changes in app development practices

• No monthly fees

• Useful strategies & insights from professional app developers

• High customer satisfaction rate

• $1 Risk-Free 3 Day Trial

• Covers iOS development with Flash CS5 so Windows users can also create iPhone apps

• Provides effective business strategies to promote your apps


• Information is not drip-fed

• May take more than 4 weeks to create a fully functional app

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a way of getting into the app business without the hassle of trying to figure everything out for yourself, this product will definitely be of great use to you. We highly recommend this course to anyone who's thinking of pursuing an app development career or simply looking to create iPhone apps for personal use.

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