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5 Regular Cane Corso Health Issues

When there is a reward waiting on the other side, Cane Corso are a friendly, versatile working breed that is ready to please.

These adaptable dogs need an experienced owner who is prepared to devote time to strong but constructive discipline. You should be well-versed in the breed's medical history if you're considering bringing one of these large beauties into your home. We'll list the top 5 health issues affecting Cane Corsos in the section below so that you may be an informed dog owner.

Infected ears

Unfortunately, the Cane Corso might be more prone to infections due to his distinctive ears. Even though you can't always avoid ear infections, it's crucial to start treating your dog for them as soon as they are discovered since they may be very upsetting to your dog.


When a dog's stomach overflows with air, it might develop the potentially fatal illness known as bloat, which prevents blood from reaching key organs. In extreme circumstances, this may also cause your dog's stomach to flip and twist. If your dog has bloat, you may notice him panting or breathing excessively, pacing, or having a swollen stomach. He may also try to vomit but not produce anything. If this is the case, you must take your dog to the closest emergency facility right away since it may be a life-threatening situation.

Dysplastic Hips

A genetic disorder, canine hip dysplasia is handed down from one generation to the next. This ailment develops when the hip joint and hip socket of a dog are out of alignment, causing discomfort, pain, and inflammation. Your dog can seem to have trouble supporting himself on one or both rear legs. It is advisable to get your dog to the doctor as soon as possible if this is the case.

Your veterinarian may advise certain drugs and/or vitamins, physical therapy, stem cell therapies, and even surgery, depending on the degree of the dysplasia. Fortunately, this rather frequent illness is not fatal.


One disorder in the eyelids known as entropion causes an eyelid to fold inward. When hair rubs on the cornea's surface as a result of this rolling, it may be very uncomfortable and impair vision. The problem, which usually requires modest surgical repair, is inherited.

Chernobyl Eye

Cane Corso dogs can have a variety of ocular problems. Because of the inflamed, red tissue that develops when this illness is present, the disorder is known as "cherry eye." Technically speaking, cherry eye is an irritated and inflamed tear in a dog's third eyelid (yes, they have three). As soon as possible, see a veterinarian about cherry eye since it might irritate your dog and result in long-term eye problems. This disease is often treatable with simple surgery.

Your dog's illness will be treated with a medicated cleaner that your veterinarian will prescribe. As a precautionary strategy going ahead, you may give frequent ear cleanings priority. In order to lower the chance of infection, you should also make sure that your dog's ears are completely dry after being wet.

Big, unforgettably loyal friends like cane corso puppy or adult are certain to leave a paw stamp on your heart. They have their own unique set of health issues, just like any other breed, which you should be aware of in order to properly care for your dog. Enjoy bringing one of these devoted dogs into your household!

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