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What makes Spotify a good option for music streaming?

Spotify is one of the music streaming applications that has been around for the longest time. It is one of the greatest music streaming services in the world. The best thing about Spotify is that you can listen to any track you want. You do not have to limit yourself to listening to a radio station made from your preferences. You can look up for any artist or band that you want to listen. The content you get at the application is vast. There are over twenty-four million tracks on the app. You are sure to find the song, band, or artist that you are looking for.

Things to know about the latest free features at Spotify

Much to the delight of the listeners, Spotify has recently increased its free options. But before you go ahead and start availing the free options, here are the five things you need to know.

Look beyond shuffling: You could only listen to playlists, albums, or artists in the shuffle mode before the new update. You now have on-demand access to fifteen of the most popular playlists at Spotify. Many of these playlists are tailor-made according to your preferences. You can now hop around the playlists and listen to the songs that you want.

The free playlists: Spotify is yet to reveal the playlists that are part of its free tier. It is reported that those fifteen free playlists will include Today's Top Hits, Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and Rap Caviar. Some of these lists will have customized choices according to your musical preferences. 750 total tracks will be there on-demand. When you go beyond the free fifteen playlists, you will have to shuffle as usual.

The presence of ads: The free playlists are not free from ads. The same model of Spotify freebies applies here as well and the ads will pop-up as they usually do. You will have to get a Spotify subscription if you want an ad-free experience.

The hardware options: Some of the users were hoping that Spotify will announce a mobile player option. But until today, there has been no such announcement.

Listening on tablets- Listening to Spotify plays on a tablet is much better than doing it on your phone. You can get any song that you want on demand. The ads will still be there, but at least there is no shuffle mode.

The popularity of Spotify is already quite high. All these free features are definitely going to make it even more popular than ever. If you have still not downloaded the application, then now is the time for it. You can happily enjoy the free features of the application.

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