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What to do when my HP Printer is Offline?

HP Printer Offline is the common issue which you may face while using your printers. Also, it is not that only HP Printer users come across this problem. The problem may arise with any printer. Thinking what can be done to resolve the issue? The solution to the problem isn’t complicated at all. You need to know the exact cause for sorting the My Printer is Offline issue. The blog explains various reasons and fixes for the problem.

HP Printer Offline: Reasons

There are many reasons responsible for the HP Printer Offline issue. The reasons could be anything from loose connections; Printer set to offline or outdated printer drivers. Though the reasons are not just limited to the ones mentioned above. The section below describes suitable HP Printer Offline Fix for reasons specified.

HP Printer Offline Fix

Well, if you are thinking, “What to do when my HP Printer is Offline”? We have simple fixes for you mentioned below:

Crosscheck your printer connections

It is essential to cross verify the printer connections. Even a small problem with printer connectivity can cause your printer to go offline.

USB Connection: You need to check that one end of the USB cable is connected to PC and another end to printer properly. The wall socket should be working fine. Furthermore, if you find any issue with a USB cable, it is best to replace it. Also, try using an alternate port to rule out any problem with the port.

If the PC is connected via Ethernet port, ensure Ethernet port is working fine, and connection to PC and printer is proper.

For a wireless network, then make sure the printer is connected to your PC network. For a wireless printer, restart the Wi-Fi router. Wi-Fi router not working correctly can also cause network failures causing the offline error.

Are you able to resolve the HP Printer Offline Issue? If, not jump to the next step.

Disable Use Printer Offline option

It is relatively easy to find a solution to the HP Printer Offline problem. You need to check the printer settings. In case the printer is not set to default or Use Printer Offline option is disabled, it can cause your printer to go offline. Follow the steps below to resume printing.

Go to control panel

After that, go to Device and Printers

Right-click on HP Printer and see what’s printing

Locate Use Printer Offline option from the drop-down menu, uncheck it if checked.

Set the printer as the default in the printer option.

Update Printer Drivers

It is essential to update printer drivers, as it can result in the printer not functioning correctly. And, one reason for your printer to go offline is outdated, missing, or faulty drivers. So, follow the steps below to update printer drivers for fixing the Printer Offline issue.

Go to Device and Printers.

Right, click on HP Printer.

Tap on remove device

Now you can visit the HP Support page to update the printer drivers manually.

Have you got an appropriate HP Printer Offline Fix? If still not, you can communicate with advanced printer experts at HP Support to find a suitable solution.

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