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When to Start Packing to Move House

While finding the next place to move into can be a huge weight off your shoulders, actually moving your stuff can be pretty tormenting. Do you know when to start packing to move house? How early should you start putting pieces of your home in a cardboard box? As crazy as it all seems, the best time to start the moving process is when the move becomes official. Don't put it off, start small if you have to. To help you with your move, we've created a moving calendar for you with all the basics.

When to Start Packing to Move House - Keeping Your Schedule Organized

6 - 8 Weeks Before Moving

You still have some time before moving, so what you want to do now is start clearing out the storage spaces - your attic, basement, closets and garage. Make up your mind about what will move into your new home with you. Separate all of your belongings into several piles - discard, sell and donate. It's at this stage that you can decide whether to have a yard sale.

4 - 6 Weeks Before Moving

● Having already grouped items that you can sell, discard or donate, now's the time to implement. Have a moving away yard sale and donate all the other items you're unable to sell.

● You should have fewer stuffs to pack, having donated and sold irrelevant things. Order packing supplies for the remaining stuffs you have - cardboard boxes, tape, label maker.

One Month Before Moving

● Your packing supplies should be here by now. So it's time to actually start packing. Label everything that goes into a box, taking pictures of the contents of each box will also help - in case you don't want a long description.

● Pack items that have no practical purposes at the moment. That's holiday and Halloween decorations, excess china plates, everything in your storage.

Two Weeks Before Moving

● Your home's starting to look less like a home, and more like a skeleton of its former self. Pack up non essentials - stuffs you won't use everyday.

● Organize all important documents, from bills, bank account statements, insurance policies, what have you. The last thing you want is to leave documents behind that could be used to steal your personal data.

One Week Before Moving

Set aside essential items you'll be using daily, like toilet paper, toothbrush, change of clothes, jewelry, cash, credit cards and so forth. Keep them separately, then pack up everything else.

Day Before

Clear out your freezer, if you haven't already. If anything's perishable, throw it out. The one thing you should always have with you during the actual move is your box of essential items.

Do You Know When to Start Packing to Move House?

As hectic as it is to plan when to start packing to move house, there are ways to avoid stress throughout the move. Be sure to work on the move in the weeks leading up to your move, so that you can avoid last minute packing.

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