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Summer Moving Tips

Are you planning for a move in the summer? People normally prefer to move during the summer due to the number of benefits it provides. The favorable weather condition and school vacation time make summer a peak season for moving. However, you will need to make the following preparations and use as many summer moving tips as possible to make moving effortless and hassle-free.

Summer Moving Tips

Start Early

You should start as soon as possible. You should start your preparation two months before moving. If you plan much before the time, then you can be fully prepared for the moving day. Just make it slow and gradual and ensure that you have covered everything.

Understand the Busy Industry

As the summer is the peak time for moving, you will have to take extra precautions to avoid the last minute hassles. Around seventy percent of movers prefer to move between May and September. Therefore, you might find it hard to hire a reliable moving company if you do not plan ahead of time. If you will plan at the last minute, it will be hard to get a reputed company to help you move. Even if you get one, you might end up spending a lot more than you need to on a mover. Also, you can expect some discounts with early time booking.

Manage the Moving Costs

You will have to spend more if you are planning to move in summer. The professional companies usually charge more in the summer than an off-peak season. For affordable options, you will have to do more research on the availability and prices. You can also reduce the moving costs with some smart decisions. You can transport the most used items and sell the items that you do not find useful. Let the professionals pack special items and pack others on your own.

Choose the Move-Out Date

You need to be very careful while deciding on your moving date -- especially in summer. For example, if you choose to move on a weekend or on Memorial Day, then it is going to cost you more and you might not find a good mover as well. You should avoid moving at the beginning and end of the summer and weekends as well.

Take Control of Packing

Prepare your moving checklist and start packing gradually. Make sure that you have enough packing materials and you have labeled each and every item. Avoid some common packing mistakes and take extra measures to pack fragile items such as glasses and vases.

Take Care of Heat Sensitive Items

While moving in summer, you need to battle through the outside temperature. Therefore, you will have to take extra care to protect your heat sensitive items from the summer heat. Sensitive electronics, DVDs, CDs, Blu-Ray disks might not handle the summer heat. If possible, avoid packing candles, perishable food, and plants.

Protect Yourself from the Heat

Moving in the summer can be dangerous. Start early and stay hydrated throughout your journey. Apply sunscreen and wear breathable clothes to stay safe.

Bottom Line

Summer moving can be fun with adequate early preparation and by using these summer moving tips to make your move easier. Make sure that all the delicate and heat sensitive items are properly packed. Book the moving company much before time and also take extra caution to protect your family from the harsh summer during moving -- especially if you’re moving to another state alone.

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