Manage stress easier through healthy habits

Stress is a fact of life that everyone will inevitably encounter. There are several ways to deal with stress, and we need to remind ourselves that for every response we have will have a consequence. Some can be positive, while there are also negative effects. So it is best to deal with stress properly so that we will deem it not just as a burden but more of a challenge that can make us a better person.

Dealing with stress

When things do not go as we plan them to be, the normal reaction of the majority is to feel sad and discouraged. But truth of the matter is that there are many things beyond our control and focusing on these things will not contribute to solving the problem. In fact, aside from its psychological implications, there are also physical effects that can result from having a negative outlook. Stressed out people tend get sick more easily because their immune system goes down making them vulnerable to even the common colds, flu and cough, at the very least. First thing that we need to realize is that you cannot control everything around you. However, you can control your response or reaction to the elements in your environment, including stress.

When you are faced with adversity, there are some simple techniques that you can do immediately turn a dark situation into something brighter. For instance, when you feel the urge to smoke, you can have a vaporsoul instead.

Breathe deeply

This is the simplest, yet very much ignored technique to deal with stress. However, there are already a lot of studies that yielded to different breathing techniques that will help manage stress. Breathing will help bring more oxygen in our blood and will help us relax quickly. When breathing to relax, Dr. Robert Cooper, author of the book “The Power of 5” reminds us to make sure to breathe from your diaphragm.

To make sure you breathe from your diaphragm you can use this technique:

Put your hand just below your navel, where your abdomen is.

Slowly take in air through your nose; your hand should slowly move inwards

For a few seconds, hold your breath

Slowly exhale from your mouth.

Think of calm situations

Studies conducted by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation have shown that another effective way to manage stress is to thinking of a soothing and relaxing situation. Some scenario you can think of can include

A nice sunny day in a secluded beach

A warm shower

A soothing massage

Thinking of these things are probably the next best thing to being actually there. To visualize yourself in this situations, you can just simply close your eyes, breathe deeply, empty your mind and start imaging yourself being in that location.

Just smile

Another simple solution that may create wonders is smiling. It is but natural to smile when we are not stressed, but trying to smile when you are stressed can also help. According to Dr. Cooper, when you smile, it transmits a message to the brain that will trigger some chemicals to make you relax.

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