Muhammad Rashid Farooq

A Guide to Expert Level Stalking

If you are a stalker and you face many embarrassing moments for not being an expert level stalker then this article is a must-read for you. I personally experience these things as I am a stalker but then I realized this is not a way to stalk someone, I should improve my skills of stalking.

From there I made my mind to gather some intuitive tips to stalk someone. So I want to share my knowledge with you. If you want to be an expert stalker then you have to apprehend everything about Instagram.

Step By Step Guide To Stalk Someone on Instagram

Want to be an expert stalker? Yes? Then forget about the shortcuts and read this information to be an expert lurker.

1. Identify Their Insta Username

It's really embarrassing when you want to find someone on Instagram and you accidentally send a message to the wrong person with the same name.

This happens because there are many profiles on Insta with similar names and also there are many fan pages of public figures so it is difficult to identify. However, to identify their official profile, compare their followers with other profiles.

Usually, the official profile has more followers than the fake ones. Secondly, make sure you can see their Insta stories. Definitely, you can see their stories if their account is public.

However, In order to stalk, they try to use some tools that facilitate stalkers to watch pictures and videos secretly. Like Gramvio is one of them which facilitate Insta users by providing them the Instastalking feature along with other downloading features to track down the activities of people anonymously.

2. Check Their Tagged Photos

This feature of Instagram is the ugliest one I can say! The tagged photo section reveals your sight that you usually want to hide it. People usually tag you in photos that you don't choose to show to the public.

You can also change the privacy so that no one can see your tagged photos. Come to the point! If you want to track someone then remember to check the pictures that people tagged. From there you'll have an idea about their family, friends, location, places they like to visit, whether they are in a relationship or not.

3. Find Their Friends

If someone's profile is private even then there is a way to approach that person through their friends. If you have a mutual friend or you know one of their friends then you can easily use its account to stalk their profile. Yes this is not a good way and I don't prefer you but still being a stalker you should know about it. This is a really easy way to stalk a private profile.

4. Don't You Know Their Friends?

Oh! That's something called bad luck! But still, I have a solution. You can create a fake Insta profile and follow that person to stalk him. This way you can easily watch the stories, posts, daily photos, videos, and stuff like that.

There is also a chance that the person you follow to stalk will not accept your request but there is also a solution. You can make a profile of one of his friends. Then it is possible that your request will be accepted.

Wrap It Up!

By concluding my article, I just want to say be careful while stalking someone in order to avoid embarrassing situations. Although stalking is not a good habit but it all depends on your intentions. If you want to harm someone in any way then I never recommend stalking but if your intentions are good then you can do this.

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