What are the symptoms & treatment for Feline coronavirus?

If you feel pain in your body, you can easily tell someone but have you ever thought about the animals who can’t even speak and express their pain. Pets can’t speak so their owners should take proper care of them. Nowadays various diseases are found in animals. One of the most common diseases found in the cat is Feline Infectious Peritonitis. And this disease is caused by the coronavirus infection and it is the cause of death for most of the cats.

There are many different symptoms of the Feline coronavirus that can make your cat fall ill and produce a serious type of illness. FIP producing coronavirus invades and grows in white blood cells in the cat’s bloodstream. And then the infected white blood cells travel through the cat’s body causing the virus to spread all over the body. This dreadful virus is known to survive for several weeks but can become inactivated by household detergents and other disinfectants.

In the initial stage, the symptoms of Feline infectious Peritonitis in the cat are watery eyes, watery nasal discharge, and continuous sneezing. Sometimes the cat may start facing some type of intestinal disease. MUTIAN is a perfect destination where you can get all the tests for your cats.

You might all be thinking, is there any type of vaccine for treating FIP?

An intranasal vaccine was developed to prevent cats from this dreadful disease. But with time this vaccine became controversial. Some surveys stated that this vaccine is responsible for protecting you against this disease while some showed that it is of no use.

Now let’s have a look at the symptoms of FIP:

• Weight loss

• Lethargy

• Abdominal cavity

• Chest cavity

• Small accumulation in inflammatory cells

• Excessive thirst or urination

• Vomiting

How to treat FIP?

• Supportive care to cats in the dry form

The cats who are dealing with dry FIP can live for a few months if they are still eating, not developing neurological signs and don’t suffer from anemia. If you provide proper nutritious food to your cat then it will help your cat to recover within a few months.

• Drain fluid from cats with the wet form

Cats who are facing wet form usually don’t live as long as the cats with the dry form. To increase the life span of your cat you need to drain the fluid from the chest and abdomen of the cat. While draining the fluid there may be a loss in protein which can even make the condition worse.

• Give proper medication

The doctor will give you several antibiotics now it’s the duty of the owner to give all the medicines to the cat on time. The cats can’t speak and communicate to you so you have to take care of these animals properly.

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