How Noom Is Eating WW's Lunch? (Is There a Free Trial?!)

So, unless you're new to the idea of dieting, you've probably noticed a bit of a disruption happening in the health and diet space. How big of a disruption? Well, let's just say that now nobody talks about "dieting" anymore, and instead, it's all about wellness.

If you don't believe me, consider that Weight Watchers changed their name to WW, "wellness that works," to keep up with this wellness craze.

*Thought: The weird thing is that by shortening their name, they have doubled the number of syllables! (double-you, double-you)

*Oh, no... "double-you" probably sounds bad to someone trying to lose weight!

So, what caused Weight Watchers to rethink their identity for the first time since Lyndon Johnson was president?

Actually, it's wellness apps, like Noom, that have rethought the whole diet-thing, and come up with a better product. Oh, and their app has 45 million downloads!

How Noom Works:

Noom is a wellness app that was developed by psychologists, and not dietitians. (Although they do have a lot of those on staff, too!) They correctly identified the gaping hole in the diet industry; specifically that few weight loss programs even address the significant psychological component to weight loss.

Noom's goal isn't short-term weight loss from counting calories. Instead, their mission is sustainable weight loss from positive behavioral change. In fact, on they say, "stop dieting. Get life-long results."

So, can you try Noom for free?

The Noom Free Trial

Well, first of all, they don't advertise a free trial. I have a feeling that anything "free" online is either worth that price, or attracts a bunch of shady characters and robots. So, Noom asks you to pay $1 for the first 2 weeks to keep the riff-raff out of the party.

Want to learn more? You can get started with a free 1-minute evaluation that concludes with the offer for the not-free trial.

How Long is the Free Trial?

Please stop calling it a "free trial," and whatever you do, don't call it a diet! Alright, the trial period is for 14 days, and if you don't cancel during that "free" period, you'll be charged for 4 months.

How Much Does Noom Cost Per Month?

Noom charges $129 per 4-month period. So, that's $32.50 per month. (More about the cost)

The Free-Trial is App Based

By the way, Noom is app-based, so if you are thinking of trying the almost gratuitous trial, you'll need to get started from your phone.


Anyway, if you want to check Noom out, you can start free here. Thanks for stopping by!

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