The Most Expense Meal Delivery Diet Is...

Meal-delivery diets are costly, but Jenny Craig wins the award for the most expensive!

One of the main considerations when choosing a diet is the potential cost. While the monthly price of DIY diets like Weight Watchers seems cheap (you have to buy all of your food) they can all make your wallet lose weight.

So, which diet is the most expensive?

We compared the monthly price of the top 10 diets this year, and one diet wins the trophy for "most expensive.

Drum roll...

It's Jenny Craig!

The initial $49-99 enrollment fee and $19 per month membership fee is a bit misleading, as the real cost of the diet is in the food. That's why the ad for the lose 16 lbs for $16 promo always comes with an asterisk and lots of fine print.

So, how much dies Jenny Craig food cost? We called their customer support, who wouldn't give us an exact figure, but gave us a range of $17-25 per day.

That means altogether you could be looking at a grand total of over $700 per month to be on the diet! That's a lot more than rival Nutrisystem, which comes in at just over half the price of Jenny Craig.

Wow, that's expensive!

Well, can't you just buy your own food? No, it's required as a member.

In all fairness, even though $700 is a big chunk of change, it does cover almost all of your food bills for the month. I mean, if you go to restaurants and do your own cooking you pay by the day, and probably have no idea how much you're currently spending, which could easily exceed the $700 per month figure.

Anyway, I have to assume that women who are on Jenny Craig have some money to spend, and believe that the diet (which includes a personal support coach) is a good investment.

Well, it's a lot of money, but if it really works, it's probably worth it if you have the money.

I mean, consider that a smoking habit can cost you a couple hundred dollars a month. (and a number of years of life!)

If you are looking for a less expensive DIY diet, I recommend WW! It only costs about $25-55 per month.

Have you tried Jenny Craig? Let us know if it's worth the cost!

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