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What Are The Required Emotional Support Animal Documentation For Flying With Your ESA?

You don’t know what life holds for you in your future. Your world changes with a disability. Mentally or physically, it affects your day-to-day living.

And, here arrives the tail-waggers that will completely fill the emptiness that you never thought of.

Animals have this ridiculous quality in them that they love and care unconditionally, but want nothing in return. And as they say, love heals better than any medicine.

And who can give more love and support than an animal?

People suffering from emotional disabilities can get their pet certified as an emotional support animal. The ESA doctor will evaluate you and your medical records before giving you an ESA letter. You will be surprised how much an animal could improve your life.

Now, moving onto the primary subject- list of emotional support animal documentation required when flying with your ESA, and what law governs the matter of flying with an ESA.

What is the ACAA (Air Carrier Access Act)?

There are some laws that provide special provisions to an ESA owner. One of them is the Air Carrier Access Act. This particular law allows you to fly with your emotional support animal inside the flight cabin without any extra charges.

The four paws can walk with you no matter how rough the road is. So, let’s dig more into the Act.

Congress passed the Air Carrier Access Act in 1986. Department of Transportation (DOT) in 1990, published the new regulations that ensured persons with disabilities would be treated without any discrimination while making sure that other passengers face no inconvenience.

The Act allowed people with certification or ESA letter to fly with their emotional support animal without paying any additional fees. Moreover, ESA travels in-cabin with you.

What Are The Emotional Support Animal Documentation Required While Flying?

Most of the airline service providers look for the following documentation when booking a flight with them.

ESA letter signed by a certified mental health professional

Animal health form certified by a licensed veterinarian

Mental health form

Animal behavior form

And all these documents must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the date of departure. Along with that the ESA boarding the flight must always be under the control of the passenger at all times.

However, look for any additional guidelines by your flight provider before scheduling a trip with your ESA to avoid any last minute cancellations.

What Are The Rules & Regulations?

Now get your suit on because we are shifting to a courtroom to discuss the rules and regulations of the act. Chambers, Your Honor! I just always wanted to say this.

I always wonder what happens in the chambers. I have this theory that the judge and the lawyer gossips about the jury in the chamber. “You see that lady in the jury, she is giving me that hard face...I think I am gonna subpoena her for her hurtful expressions!”

The carrier cannot limit the number of people with ESA on a flight.

A carrier cannot refuse a person solely on the basis of their disability.

The carrier has to provide passage to the person with disability irrespective of the disability affective his appearance or involuntary behavior.

All the trip information made available to other passengers should also be made available to the person with a disability.

The ACAA protects the owner of an ESA from any discrimination and any additional fees and discomfort. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the act.

What Are The Benefits of ACAA?

ACAA has been effective and a lot of help to patients with disabilities.

The act has helped both the assistance animal owners, ESA and Service animals. Some changes in travel guidelines have led to comfort for a lot of people.

Recognizing that certain physical and mental barriers can often be overcome by making some simple changes in technology and layout.

The act has been a great help as this has led to the training of staff at the airport which now assists the persons with disability far better. The staff now has a better understanding of the needs of the persons.

Let the paws fill your home with all their hair and happiness. Get an ESA with the required emotional support animal documentation and witness the purest form of unconditional love.

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