Common Stomach Problems among Babies

The birth of a newborn is very memorable and happy. It is considered as the best moment in the life of a person. The happiness of getting the newborn home is unparalleled and is the best feeling in the world. The smiles, the delight and the memories of infants are the things our parents remember even though we grow up with time. However, the precautions and the care that the newborn babies need is something that all parents need to look into.

Some of the common problems among newborn babies are stomach issues. Even the best paediatrician in Delhi or any other place will recommend extra care to avoid such problems to improve the immunity of the kids. However, as a young parent, one must be aware of what could be the common problems related to stomach among newborn babies.

Here is an extensive list:

1) Diarrhoea:

This is one of the most common problems in infants. It is usually caused by different kinds of virus and sometimes due to the change in the environmental weather conditions. In such a condition, make sure you keep your baby hydrated to avoid further damages. If needed, consult the best paediatrician in Delhi or any other city to get the right treatment at the right time.

2) Vomiting:

The next most common stomach problem noticed in babies is vomiting. It happens due to infection in their tummies or intestinal tracts. Vomiting can be exhausting for babies as they also usually lead to dehydration. Most babies have infections that usually go away in 2-3 days. Make sure you maintain a clean environment to avoid any infections!

3) Constipation:

Most babies are bound to develop constipation when their diet changes to cereals. Many babies start having thick and sticky stools that can be very painful for the babies too. Make sure you give your baby the right kind of food to get his/her digestive system churning. If you see that, certain foods are causing constipation to your baby, then avoid them for a couple of days while choosing some other alternatives that are light on your baby’s tummy.

4) Reflux:

This condition is common in babies who are just a couple of months old. Sometimes, babies have the condition of holding up the consumed milk in their tummies, causing them some uncomfortable stomach problems. Reflux usually goes away at the age of 4 -12 months. Some simple indications of your baby developing a reflux condition are frequent hiccups, poor feeding and breathing problems. Make sure you recognize these and correct your baby’s feeding immediately.

Newborn babies are quite prone to various types of discomforts, including stomach problems as their immunity is still in the developing phase. Extra care and ensuring a clean environment around the baby can help avoid most of the issues. Make sure you recognize your baby’s discomfort early and take necessary actions to avoid any serious conditions.

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