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DIY Bathroom Ideas: Decor That You'll Love

Would you spend $1,200 on home improvement? Well, some home projects can add your home’s value by 5%. Finding cool DIY bathroom ideas can enhance your overall home décor. With an improved bathroom décor, the value of your home increases significantly.

For most people, the thought of renovating the bathroom is intimidating because of the high costs involved. However, in the age of Pinterest and Instagram inspiration, you can incorporate a few DIY ideas to make your bathroom more appealing. With $100 or less, you can make bathroom changes that will add a touch of sophistication and class to your space.

DIY bathroom décor ideas are in plenty and you can select what works for you. Do you need a change of wall color? Or do you need to enhance the lighting?

You can incorporate several DIY ideas to suit your liking.

DIY Bathroom Ideas that you will Love

The DIY bathroom décor ideas are inexhaustible. Depending on your budget and your desired outcome, you can choose the ideas that seem plausible. Practice safety measure to avoid accidents.

The 7 simper DIY décor ideas that will make your bathroom stylish without hurting your pockets.

1. Fresh Coat of Paint

What is the color of your bathroom? If you’re bored with the existing color, a new one will make you feel like you’re in a new home altogether.

You can choose to go with an all-white bathroom. Having everything white in your bathroom is not only visually interesting, but it is also trendy.

You can choose a color that is consistent with the theme of your bathroom. Read more here to know the popular bathroom paint colors that can leave your space looking fabulous.

The color palates at the store can be a good guide.

2. A DIY Bathroom Rug

You can custom make a mat with available materials. Recycled clothes can be useful when making such a mat. Many YouTube tutorials offer guidance on making rugs.

A colorful mat is a great addition to your bathroom. A rug is an affordable bathroom décor that brings warmth and color to your bathroom. You can choose a design that complements your bathroom.

Another DIY bathroom idea is having a wooden bath mat. Bamboo and cedar can make great mats. The wooden mats will give you a sauna experience at your home.

3. Embellish the Curtains

Shower curtains can look more attractive if you add macramé. With a macramé-embellished curtain, your bathroom will have a romantic and whimsical feel. Macramé is fashionable and it is a bathroom DIY decoration you don’t want to ignore.

A shower curtain should have a spicy color. The curtain can have shapes based on the theme you are projecting. If your current shower curtain is not as fun, consider replacing with a color that suits your interest.

4. DIY Bathroom Shelving

Most bathrooms have limited space. Adding shelves is a great way to improve your bathroom’s décor and increase space. However, to make your bathroom look bigger, inset cabinets are better.

The shelves can be rustic for that antique look.

To make the shelves, the main materials required are wood planks and shelving brackets. Making such a shelf yourself will save you a considerable amount of money. You can modify the shelves based on the functionality you want to achieve.

You can place flowers or bowls of crystals on the shelves to enhance the bathroom décor. With the extra space, essentials such as towels can have enough storage space.

5. DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Placement of the toilet paper in the bathroom can change how your bathroom looks. With a DIY project, you can make unlimited changes. You can also opt for a camouflage toilet paper, which diverts attention to other bathroom decorations.

Toilet paper holders have different designs that you might need to spice up your bathroom.

One DIY project is installing a scrap wood to act as a shelf for the toilet holder. You can add some bathroom décor on top of the shelf.

An Ikea toilet paper holder can also work magic to your bathroom. It comes in different designs. This small item can make a huge difference to your bathroom decoration.

6. DIY Candles

An assortment of candles surrounding your bathtub is soothing. These bathroom accessories detox your mind and enhance relaxation. You don’t need complex DIY skills to arrange the candles.

With the traditional bathroom designs, candles should create an ornate look and promote elegance. When the design of your bathroom is rustic, wooden blocks are great candle holders. The overall design of your bathroom can guide you on the best way to display your candles.

You can make candles with the locally available materials. Making the candles at home allows you to incorporate different scents. Custom-make decorative containers and place them in your bathroom.

7. Go Natural

Having a small palm tree in your bathroom will give you warm feelings. While most people consider palm trees as outdoor décor, it can spice your bathroom's ambiance. The palm tree should be strategically located to have the desired effects.

Fresh flowers on a vase are also great DIY bathroom ideas that can improve the look of your bathroom. The flowers can have a color that brings out the desired atmosphere. The flower vase also needs to be designed artistically to enhance the decorative features.

Adding some natural scents to your bathroom is another DIY project that does not require an extravagant budget. Natural scents such as vanilla or roses can improve your bathroom experience.

DIY Bathroom Ideas Are in Plenty and You Can Choose a Combination of Projects That You Like

The bathroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate. Having amazing décor can improve the experience. With the many bathroom DIY projects, you cannot miss an idea that is applicable to your bathroom.

There are many tutorials posted on YouTube, making it possible to come up with several homemade items that will spice up your washroom. The DIY ideas will help you improve your skills and save you money. Besides, you can make modifications as you wish.

The next time you are considering to remodel your bathroom, think of DIY bathroom ideas that you can achieve with available resources. The fulfillment resulting from DIY projects is unexplainable.

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