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Hire the Right Plumber With These Simple Tips and Enjoy a Good Plumbing Job!

The global plumbing industry is worth almost 100 billion dollars. That massive number doesn't surprise us.

After all, everybody's got to use the restroom, shower and run water in their kitchen area. And with that kind of demand, things are bound to go wrong from time to time.

Clogs. Busted pipes. Odd noises. You name it and chances are that people are hiring plumbers to try and fix it.

Therein lies the purpose of this post.

We get that hiring a plumber can be a bit of a stressful process. To try and make things easier for you, below, we've laid out some simple things to stay mindful of that should improve your ability to hire a qualified plumbing professional so that you can enjoy a good plumbing job.

1. Experience

Everybody has got to get their start somewhere. Pursuant to that fact, we certainly don't want to hate on the new plumber on the block.

Here's the thing though... Just because everybody has to start somewhere doesn't mean that they should start with you. As a matter of fact, we recommend that you don't volunteer yourself to be anybody's first job.

When it comes to your home's plumbing, you're going to want an experienced professional to tackle whatever your concerns are in order to give yourself the best odds of enjoying a good plumbing job.

Inexperience often leads to mistakes and mistakes often lead to more money coming out of your pocket.

2. License

Just like any contractor, all plumbers need to carry a valid license to legally operate in their territory. Licenses confirm a number of things like your plumber's professional background, residency and more.

While it can be tempting to hire a plumber under the table that's lot licensed, our opinion is that you don't let the prospect of light savings pull you in that direction.

If your plumber is willing to cut corners when it comes to having a license, imagine what they're going to cut corners with when they're working on your home.

3. Price

The cost of a plumber is always a concern. We don't think that it should be your only concern though.

Finding a cheap plumber is easy. There's always somebody out there that's willing to undercut another person's bid. Finding a cheap plumber that's going to do a good plumbing job for you is extremely hard if not impossible.

That's why we recommend that you invest a little bit of extra money and hire a good plumber as opposed to a cut-rate one. An affordable plumber that's going to do a good job for you may not be the cheapest but they will represent the best value.

4. Word of Mouth

If a plumber is good, people are going to talk about them. They may talk in their local community or online.

Our advice is to listen to what people are saying.

Word of mouth is a powerful indicator of how good a plumber is. Going on websites like Yelp or asking family members for recommendations can often save you a world of trouble in finding a qualified pro that you're going to love.

If you do choose to leverage word of mouth to find a plumbing lead, be sure to get the opinions of at least two sources to ensure that you're not receiving biased information.

5. Insurance

Any licensed plumber that's on the up and up is carrying an insurance policy. That's extremely important because if they cause additional damage to your home or one of their employees gets hurt on the job, your plumber's insurance is what's going to cover the damages.

If you bring on a plumber that's not insured, if they damage your home, you'll have to sue them for damages and it may be that they have no money to sue for.

Also, employees that get hurt while working on your property may sue you for damages if their employer doesn't have insurance to take care of the matter.

6. Guarantees

People that do a good plumbing job stand by their work. That disposition is usually reflected in the way of a solid guarantee on any work that's done.

For example, if a plumber offered you a guarantee on a piping fix that they performed, they might say that if the same pipe experiences issues again within the next 5-years, they'll come by and re-fix the pipe for free.

While not all plumbers offer guarantees, a good handful of them do. Therefore, you should try your best to do business with such a plumber to better insulate yourself from errors.

7. Transparency/Your Gut

You're going to learn a lot about your plumber when you first talk to them on the phone.

Did they offer you straightforward pricing? Did they talk to you in a simple way that didn't require you to look up a plumbing glossary in order to follow along?

If you feel like the initial discussions that you've had with your plumber left a lot to be desired in the way of transparency, keep looking.

In our experience, dodgy behavior only gets worse the moment that your plumber has landed a job with you.

Wrapping Up How to Hire the Right Plumber to Enjoy a Good Plumbing Job

If you want to enjoy a good plumbing job the first time you hire a plumber, leverage our tips above. Doing so will limit the number of snags that you run into when working with a plumbing professional and will just about guarantee that you enjoy a smooth transaction!

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