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Metal Dental Crowns: Everything You Need To Know

You've just gone to the dentist and they say you need a dental crown. But what exactly does that mean for you?

Are you one of those people who is terrified of the dentist? Maybe it takes you all year just to build the courage to call and make the appointment to see a dentist. Or you might not mind the dentist but just the hassle of getting there.

Either way, you might be looking for more information on your upcoming procedure and you've come to the right place. Hopefully, this will eliminate any fear of dental crowns that you may or may not have.

Keep reading to get all the information you need to know about metal dental crowns.

The Basics of Metal Dental Crowns

Before dental crowns, dentists would have to remove teeth that were damaged or had a lot of decay. Dentists no longer need to remove a tooth and can save a lot of the healthy tooth by placing a tooth crown over the top of it.

A dental crown is permanently attached to a damaged tooth and helps to strengthen it. This helps the overall look of your teeth and the alignment. Dental crowns can help to prevent an unwanted shift to the teeth within your mouth.

Specifically, metal dental crowns are made up of non-noble metals. The metals make a strong crown and prevent corrosion. A huge benefit is that this type of crown requires the least amount of healthy tooth to be removed before the crown is put into place.

Crowns can last your entire life as long as you manage the upkeep of them properly. Of course, they still have the chance to fall out but the metal dental crown is very durable.

We all have been told our whole lives that the best way to take care of our teeth is by brushes and flossing two times a day. This is even more important if you have tooth crowns.

The Price

Like many products and services, dental crown prices vary depending on where you are located and who will be doing the procedure. If you are comfortable, then you may want to talk to different dentists in your area to see what price will be right for you.

The metal dental crown is generally the most cost-efficient out of the other types of crowns. It can range from $500 to $1,500.

The cost of your dental crown will depend on the material, where you are and your dental insurance coverage.

You also will want to check with your insurance company before making your decision. Sometimes your insurance company will be able to cover the entire cost of your dental crown. Although, if the tooth crown is for cosmetic reasons they may not be able to cover any of the costs.

You can read more about insurance and what may be the best options for you.

The Procedure

So after talking with your dentist and deciding which price is right, you're now ready to get the metal dental crown. They should split the process into two separate visits.

Visit #1: 45 minutes to an hour

The first step is for your dentist to remove the unhealthy tooth enamel. This could even mean removing the entire tooth. Your tooth will need to be cut back at lease two millimeters because this is how thick the tooth crown will need to be.

Your dentist will also want to make sure that your tooth will be able to withstand having a crown as well as to see if there are any underlying complications.

Once that is completed, your dentist will numb the area around your tooth with anesthesia. This is usually in the form of a shot. You may need some of your gum removed as well so the metal tooth crown has a good base.

Now it's time for your dentist to take an impression of what is left of the tooth. This is so they can make the crown specifically for your mouth.

It can take about 2-3 weeks for the crown to be made so your dentist may want to give you a temporary tooth crown. The temporary tooth crown can also help with a sensitivity caused by the process.

Visit #2: 30 minutes to an hour

Once the dental crown is put into place it will be very difficult and piratically impossible to make any changes. Metal dental crowns are meant to last a lifetime.

During this visit, the temporary crown will be removed and your dentist should numb the area with anesthesia. The numbing will help with any sensitivity you may experience during the procedure.

The most important step is that your dentist will apply dental cement to your tooth crown and apply it right over your tooth. Any extra cement that could come out will be scraped away and by this point, the entire process is over.

Once you have the new tooth crown your teeth will definitely feel a bit different. You will get used to the feeling over a few weeks as long as the new crown isn't changing your bite.

The Metals

There are many different kinds of dental crowns but we're specifically discussing the metal dental crowns. There are metal crowns made of nickel-chromium, cobalt-chromium, gold, and even a platinum crown tooth.

A metal dental crown will usually be placed in the back of your mouth and this is primarily due to the color. Most people do not want this type of crown to be seen.

Metal does do well to withstand pressure such as chewing or biting, which is why a metal dental crown will be the most durable. They will also be less likely to chip or break.

The Temporary Crown

You briefly read about getting a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being made. Stainless steel dental crowns are temporary and used to protect the tooth.

This type of crown is also typically used for children who still have their baby teeth. If they need a crown on a tooth that will eventually fall out then the most cost-effective way to go is with a stainless steel dental crown.

There you have it. A complete guide to metal dental crowns.

Maybe you've had one before and are just looking for some general information or you have the procedure coming up. Either way, leave a comment below and let us know your experiences with metal dental crowns.

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