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Pump It Up!: 4 Surprisingly Healthy Energy Boosters to Try If You're Chronically Tired

Do you find it difficult to get through the day without needing an afternoon nap?

Maybe you find yourself hitting the snooze button all morning. Instead of making it to the gym before work you sleep until you're rushing to get out the door.

Imagine how productive you would be if you felt more awake. You can try to perk up with an energy drink, but those are full of chemicals.

Plus, it usually makes you feel anxious. Luckily, there are natural options that will pep you up without giving you the jitters.

Did you become an involuntary couch potato? Do you miss your boundless energy? Here are some surprisingly healthy energy boosters to get you back up to speed.

1. Cannabis

Sure, lots of people use cannabis as a way to fall asleep at night. However, if you use the right strain of weed you'll feel the opposite effect.

When you're shopping at a dispensary, be on the lookout for Sativa strains. This will give you energy. Indica strains of cannabis lower your energy and will get you ready to sleep.

You can find the best specific strains of Sativa that will wake you up and still let you be productive.

2. Essential Oils

You can't exactly take your cannabis pen to work and take a puff every time you get sleepy. Instead, take a hit of some essential oils to fight off the afternoon slump.

Peppermint, rosemary, mandarin, and sweet basil are all great oils for energy. You can get an oil roller and put a scent on your pulse points to perk up. Another idea is to put a few drops in your morning shower for a spa-like experience.

3. Cordyceps

Cordyceps are a type of fungi or mushroom that have certain healing properties. One of the many benefits they provide is energy.

You can consume cordyceps in a few different ways. There are cordyceps powders you can mix with a smoothie. There are even cordyceps instant coffee mixes that can be stirred into hot water in the morning.

4. Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that is naturally occurring in the body. This mineral keeps your body functioning normally in many ways including sleep.

If you're deficient in magnesium, then you're likely not getting a very restful shut-eye. Obviously, not sleeping at night will set you up for a sluggish day.

The best way to get more magnesium is to eat foods that are rich with it. Start upping your intake of avocados, bananas, almonds, spinach, and dark chocolate.

Try These 4 Healthy Energy Boosters

Energy drinks might pep you up, but in the long term, they're doing damage to your body. Use these 4 healthy energy boosting ideas instead so you can wake up and enjoy a productive day.

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