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Test Your Knowledge: 8 Weird Animal Facts You Probably Never Knew

Did you know that pigeons can do math?

We don't know about you, but we think that's pretty amazing (especially when we reflect on high school Algebra classes). Okay, so it's not super-advanced math, but still! A pigeon can rank images in order of how many objects they contained.

Can we get a "wow!"?

We're giving you that animal trivia as a bonus. We've still got eight more insanely weird animal facts for you right here!

So put your knowledge of animals to the test and see if you've heard any of these outlandish truths before.

1. Crows Are (Really, Really) Smart

Did you know that crows are familiar with water displacement? (That's in addition to recognizing faces and making and using tools!)

If you don't believe us, check out the

viral Youtube videos for video evidence!

These birds can solve amazing cognitive puzzles. The experiment goes like so.

A crow was very thirsty, but the water level in a pitcher was too low—sitting on the bottom where the crow couldn't reach it. The crow began adding stones into the pitcher. This raised the water level and allowed him to reach the drinking water!

2. Mantis Shrimp See Colors That No Other Creature Can

The life of a mantis shrimp is a stunning rainbow that we can't even begin to fathom. That's because mantis shrimp can see more color than any human or animal on this planet! Their vision is even compared to a satellite sensor.

A mantis shrimp has 12 color receptors. That's in comparison to our three cones as humans (blue, green, and red) or 2 cones for dogs (yellow and blue).

3. You're More Likely to Get Crushed by a Vending Machine Than Attacked by a Wolf

There are some myths about the gray wolf out there that are just plain harmful. One of which is their danger to humans, which is virtually nonexistent! Wolves are very wary of humans and would prefer to have no interaction with them.

The same goes for your livestock, too.

Gray wolves are responsible for less than 0.1% of all livestock losses. So the next time you hear someone bad-mouthing these majestic creatures, steer them in the right direction!

4. Elephants Can't Jump

Elephants are some of the most amazing, compassionate, loving, and family-oriented animals out there. They're wonderfully kind and caring, and they've got that memory to boot. They can do it all, one might think—except jump.

When you think about their body proportion, it makes sense, right?

But wait, that's not why!

They can't jump because they don't have to. Do you really think a giant elephant jumps at the sight of a wimpy mouse? Think again.

Other animals that jump—kangaroos, monkeys, frogs, and more—do so as a defense mechanism. They outrun their predators with their leaps and their dashes. But elephants keep themselves safe in other, non-jumpy ways (such as being humongous by nature)!

5. Rhino Horns Are Made of Hair


First, let's consider their name. Rhinoceros get their name from the Greek words for "nose" and "horn." One word that's missing from their name? Hair.

However, their crazy-powerful horn is made from just that: a protein called keratin that's the same substances as our hair and nails!

At the core of their horns is more natural substances like calcium and melanin. This is akin to the likes of hooves and beaks: sturdy and strong.

6. A Tiger's Legs Are Stronger Than Death

Tigers are very intelligent, much like every other animal on this list. They even have better short-term memories than us humans. But even more amazing than that is their awesome strength.

A tiger's back legs are incredibly robust. They use them to propel themselves after prey or fight for their standing in the pack. They even keep them upright (sometimes) after death.

That's right. Although it's unpleasant to imagine, it is true! Some tigers, after death, have remained standing because of their superior hind-leg strength.

7. Cows Are Deep

Cows are more emotionally well-rounded than a guy who doesn't know how to commit!

Although cows are known for being calm, there's a world of emotion bubbling beneath that surface. They have mood swings and feelings much like we do as humans.

In fact, cows even develop personal relationships. They have "best friends." And they're so compassionate, that they get stressed when you remove them from their buddy!

So when you see them staring aimlessly into a field of green, don't think nothing is going on inside that head. Their brain is probably churning on thoughts of their BFF.

Keep the cows together for the sake of all our hearts!

8. You'll Never Believe This: Sloths Are Slow

Okay, you've heard that one before. But did you know that their digestion is just as slow? It can even take them up to a month to digest one single meal.

Granted, the food they eat is hard to digest (leaves and buds of the cecropia tree). But it takes them even longer to metabolize their meal as it does to eat it. This could also explain their slow energy.

Weird Animal Facts for Animal Lovers!

Animals are amazing, fascinating, and sometimes bizarre creatures—and that's why we love them so.

There is a slew of weird animal facts out there. So if you're an animal lover, don't limit yourself to these 8!

In fact, one way to learn more about different things (animals included) is to get out of your comfort zone. Travel, see new sights, and witness unique animals that don't live in your area.

If you're feeling the wanderlust, we've got your back. Here are 6 tips for budget-friendly traveling!

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