Nataliya Stefanus

Website Accessibility: Enabling The Disabled!

Technology has dramatically risen in recent years with almost everyone on the internet. The connectivity is real, and missing out is inevitable. In every single facet of our lives, education, health, relationship, and business technology is loud and clear.

Online based businesses have exponentially emerged around the globe. Whether you are a continent away, you can buy anything at the comfort of your home. While the benefits are exciting, the negatives, too have an impact.

Even with the need to get online, some people have had a challenge. A challenge to access sites due to their limitations. Either physical, emotional, or psychological limitations. Well, thanks to 508 compliance that allows web accessibility to everyone despite their shortcomings.

With advanced human capabilities comes advanced technology. Every single day new tech innovations are coming up. As an online website, you want to make sure that you are up to date with the latest innovations. And having 508 Compliance is one way to keep you ahead of your competitors.

So, why then should you enable your website for easier accessibility to the disabled.

The Newer, the Better

It is no doubt that the more relevant your website is, the better it is to your audience. Customers will entirely relate to your online business if it fits well with their preferences. Nothing satisfies like enabling a disabled person to be at par with the average person. It is always a win-win situation for both parties.

Though the blind have no luxury to view your incredible web graphics, having the Alt-text helps their screen readers create the image clearly on their mind. What better way to secure a broader audience?

Keeping it Simple and Real

While some find online space easy to maneuver, some are caught up in the web. Experiencing challenges now and then can be frustrating. With 508 compliance, this helps keep it real and straightforward. By eliminating any web barriers, you enable your target audience. They get to find identity with your site.

Safety for Sensitive Client Data

As smart advancements emerge daily, so is cyber crime. With cyber criminals becoming more intelligent, you need to ensure security for your client's data. How secure are the credit card details that clients feed for any online purchase? Enabling the disabled to access your website is a smart move, but that doesn't stop there -you ought to ensure their security as well.

Equality for All

Equality doesn't have to be gender-based all the time. Even technology comes up with a balance. Technology is for all without any obstacles or bias to a particular group of people. Everyone should enjoy the juicy pulp from this tech fruit.

508 compliance enables web access to everyone despite their limitations. With better web performance, simplicity and real content, enhanced security and above all, equal access and opportunities for all.

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