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Traditional Tobacco Versus Heated Tobacco Products

Tobacco products have been around for centuries, but the industry has changed so much over the years. While there are still traditional tobacco products on the market, heated tobacco products are making a comeback and gaining steam. But what are the differences between them? Read on!

What can be expected from traditional tobacco?

Traditional tobacco refers to products that are made from the cured and dried leaves of the tobacco plant. These leaves are then either rolled into cigarettes or used in the production of other tobacco products, such as cigars, pipe tobacco, and snuff. These tobacco products have been the mainstay of the tobacco industry for many years. There are a number of chemicals found in traditional tobacco products, including nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. These substances can have harmful effects on your health, including an increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

What can be expected from heated tobacco products?

Heated tobacco products are a new and innovative way to enjoy tobacco. Similar to its more conventional version, heated tobacco likewise makes use of real tobacco leaves. But unlike burning tobacco, heated tobacco is plugged into an electronic device that heats the tobacco leaves to a specific temperature, typically no higher than 600 ℃. there is no burning involved in the heating process, and hence neither ash nor smoke is generated. The stuff that looks like smoke coming from the heated cigarettes is actually aerosol, which is a suspension of small liquid and solid particles in a gas (usually air). This aerosol is evidenced to contain 90% fewer hazardous chemicals than the smoke from cigarettes. In addition, the lack of smoke and ash is beneficial to the atmosphere.

Heated tobacco products are not that much drawbacks, however. These products also carry some of the same risks as traditional cigarettes, like nicotine addiction.

A potential brand of heated tobacco products: NUSO

NUSO is a potential brand of heated tobacco products that have been developed by Broad Far. Committed to amazing its users with more innovative flavors and improved smoking experience, Broad Far has made a great investment in product research and development. NUSO heated tobacco that comes in various flavors is the fruit of its years' efforts.

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