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The best eight logistics apps

Smartphones are taking on more and more tasks not only in everyday life but also in the logistics sector, for which there are now some useful logistics apps that can facilitate many processes. Today, numerous applications for stock management, fleet management, loading or even finding suitable parking spaces are helpful for the drivers. Furthermore, there are already known route finding functions, which should be standard for every smartphone.

Logistics Apps the fast mobile help

Here is an overview of the currently best 8 logistics apps or supply chain apps in the German-speaking market.

App number 1: Fleetboard

One of the first providers of logistics apps was Daimler Fleetboard GmbH. Once the Fleetboard telematics system has been installed in the vehicles and a Fleetboard service contract has been signed, the Fleetboard app is free. In addition, the logistics app can be used to plan tours after the fleet fleet has been assigned a name and password by the fleet manager. This allows the company to track the vehicles in real time via the transmitted telematics data and also to change routes via the app at short notice. If necessary, the driver's driving style can also be monitored.

App number 2: TomTom Webfleet

A similar logistics service is also offered by TomTom, as the routes can be planned via Webfleet and the vehicles can be tracked in real time. The availability for both iOS and Android devices creates a great advantage and thus the logistics app is fully applicable. However Tom Tom's fleet solution "Webfleet" has to be used in the company in order to use the app.

App number 3: AIS Mobile

If you really want to do without built-in telematics, AIS recommends its logistics app "AIS Mobile". Especially external drivers can use this app well and just download, integrate into tours and uninstall after the end of the order. Furthermore, drivers can check their vehicles with the logistics app through checklists. For businesses, the expenses are well scalable, since costs for the app arise only in use. In addition, the application can also be used to document the cargo photographically and thus protect against customers.

App number 4: Spedion

Another application among the logistics apps, which does not require telematics, is Spedion Like the other apps, the application offers extensive route planning options and a short-term change to the tours. In addition, cargo details can be stored and another special feature is the central document management, through which documents that must always be stored up-to-date can now be stored centrally and retrieved by every driver via the app. This creates a great advantage, since the costly replacement of printed documents is eliminated.

App Number 5: Brugg Lashing

If drivers need help with lashing goods and securing loads, logistics apps such as Brugg Lashing should be considered. This app can calculate the required power and minimum number of charge lashing devices accordingly.

App Number 6: Truck Parking Europe

Truck drivers often find it difficult to find suitable parking spaces during their long and frequent journeys, as they can sometimes be very difficult or rare to find. The parking database app and thus the logistics app Truck Parking Europe offers help here by providing an overview of more than 10,000 truck parking spaces designated throughout Europe as well as suitable parking spaces off the main roads. In addition, the existing parking spaces can be evaluated via a community of app users and new ones can be added.

App Number 7: Mobile Track

Several functions are combined in the logistics app "Mobile Track" from Eurolog, making even ancillary devices superfluous. Especially for general cargo traffic through the integrated scanner function, the app is very helpful and can also be used in partial and full load traffic. Entire cargoes can be recorded and processed on the smartphone. In addition, suitable evidence of the deliveries for the customer can be presented as timestamps and geo-coordinates are stored.

App Number 8: EazyStock Mobile App

This app allows immediate access to all desired data of the ERP system while you are on the move. With one click, you can view the entire network of warehouses and data. This allows buyers to make wiser and more cost-effective purchasing decisions. By default, the app includes dashboards and reports that provide inventory analysis, demand forecasting, article inventory changes, purchase orders, supply chain-wide inventory metrics, and much more.

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