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Reasons Getting A Massage Is Good For Your Mental Health

If we think about one of our first experiences in the world, it has to be another person. From the moment of conception until our entry (or exit as it were) into the world is all thanks to our connection with other people. First with our mothers and then the midwife or doctor that helps us out. The human touch is very important to us and in the past experiments have been performed which confirmed that infants don’t just need nutrition – they need to be held, touched, and loved for their very survival.

This need to be touched is not just limited to being infants, it’s a part of being human. Even as adults we need to connect with another person and feeling another physical form is a therapeutic experience that is great for our mental wellbeing.

That is why a massage is really important for our mental health. Secret tantric is a VIP luxurious massage center that is providing therapeutic as well as erotic massages to its customers. That is precisely why it is the number one choice for erotic massage London.

Today, you will be reading about the benefits a massage offers for mental health:

Calmness for the mind

The stress of everyday life piles up and leaving this stress unattended is what leads to a host of mental health problems in the long run: depression and anxiety. A sound mind in a strong body is exactly what’s required for good mental and emotional wellbeing. Getting a massage helps relieve the stress and calms the mind and even reduces anxiety levels – leaving you refreshed.

Better Sleep

People suffering from emotional problems often become dependent on medications or substance abuse to get a good night’s sleep. Alcohol and medication might help you achieve unconsciousness but that’s not the same as a night of restful sleep, if anything these states of inebriation is bad for mental health and not worth the few minutes or hours of bliss they provide.

Getting a massage relaxes your muscles in the best possible way. It releases the tension in your body letting it relax in a more natural way which can help you get a peaceful sleep.

Helps with Headaches and blood circulation

The most common types of body pain that occur over time are in the neck, head, and limbs. These lower the quality of life – especially due to the emotional stress they cause in everyday life. A person feeling physical pain is also going to be easily irritable stressed out faster, and less open to the experience.

A massage applied to these areas by stretching and pressing helps ease the pain away by improving the blood flow through the muscles. Headaches and migraines are caused due to inflammations and pressure in the blood vessels, the circulation flows easier when you relax after a massage.


One of the symptoms of mental illnesses like depression is fatigue. A person experiencing fatigue is often left lethargic and unable to feel any motivation to handle stress or take action. A message can’t take away depression but it does help the body feel fresher. This rejuvenation gets rid of the fatigue and allows the person to gather energy to take the next steps in their journey towards healing. Feeling fresh will let them take action and increase the capacity to handle stress, in addition to more efficient thinking.


At the very core of it, a massage speaks to us on a primal level and which is probably why it is one of the best forms of stress relief available. Being touched by another person releases oxytocin in our system along with Endorphins, Serotonin, and Dopamine. The combination of all these hormones is what creates an overall sense of well-being in the body. And this is in turn is what channels into a sense of mental and emotional wellbeing.

We are creatures that thrive on the physical contact of each other from the time we are born, well into old age. A massage fits into this as a traditional way and reinforces the message that we are in safe, warm hands.

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