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Here is How You Can Make Lion Pyramid Boxes as Your Kids’ Birthday Candy Boxes

Kids love animals just as much as they love their birthday, the gifts that they get on a birthday and the candies that they get in the birthday candy boxes. For too long I have been thinking of joining all of these pleasures into one item and even though I considered myself crafty enough, I could not think of anything.


As crafty as I am, I eventually find a way to make lion-theme pyramid boxes which can actually be used as birthday candy boxes and the kids can play with them just like they play the small or big lion-shaped toys.


How crafty it is? Isn’t it?

So, without further ado, here is the list of items that you need and the steps that you have to follow to make the Lion King pyramid boxes.

1. Material

Have a look at the items that you need to make this type of pyramid boxes packaging:

• Pyramid boxes template


• Matte-yellow color cardstock

• Paper stock of brown color

• Scale and scissors

• Glue

• Xacto

• Simple black marker

• Bone folder


2. Process

Have a look at the process of making the pyramid favor boxes:

• Get the pyramid boxes template printed on the cardstock

• Use the scale and the scissors to cut the template out of the cardstock

• Use the bone folder to score along the dashed lines and you will start to see the walls of the pyramid box

• Choose a wall that will either be the right or the left wall and use Xacto to make a big round hole in it

• Use the scissors to cut the threads out of brown color paper which will make the fur for the lion’s face

• Choose one side of the unfinished box as the face of the lion. With black marker make the eyes, nose, mouth and mane of the lion

• Use xacto to cut the tale-style die out of yellow cardstock, and use black marker to give it the look of lion’s tale, paste it on the back side of the box

• Paste the lion fur brown die cuts on the front side

• Apply glue to all sides of walls, and press them together to assemble the box

Alright, now you have made the box that you can use as a candy box and gift it to your kids or sell to customers. Kids would not only love to take candies out of the box, but they will also play with the lion-shaped box.

There are certain other things that you can do to this box and make it worthwhile. For example you can add small adhesive hearts, flowers or smilies and you can apply embellishments, and if you still crave for something better, you can add a big red cardstock heart with your own customized greeting on it.

So, this was the brief how-to about how to make lion pyramid favor boxes. I hope that you would have loved the style. Write back to me to let me know how well you did it and how much your children enjoyed this lion candy box.

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