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25 Places to Visit Before You Turn 30 — Best Traveling Guide

Are you still young and enthusiastic? Then have a look at these 25 must-visit sites that will catch your fancy! Discover exciting places you've never been to.

Neither Hollywood nor 'How I Met Your Mother' want to admit it, but the 30's barrier is the hardest to overcome. Your family starts saying strange things like 'children' or 'wedding.' But before everything gets too complicated, you should enjoy the youth. So, why not visit some of these 25 places before settling down?


Barcelona is a wonderful city. If you are from Madrid, you should go to Barcelona and enjoy all the things about Catalonia. If you are from Barcelona, you should go to Madrid to understand the blessed drama of this boundless city better.


In Madrid, you can enjoy the nightlife of Chueca, Malasaña, or La Latina. It is the capital of Spain, but it doesn't feel or look like one. You will experience what it is like to be a migrant for a few days. Because yes, nobody, absolutely nobody is from Madrid, and letting yourself be infected by this feeling is a key piece of youth.


That is beyond red neighborhoods and green joys. It is possible that when you release the smoke from your mouth in one of these coffee shops, the questions are over, and the reasons for visiting Amsterdam are over. But in addition to red neighborhoods and green joys, the (touristic) capital of Holland is offering endless bike rides around those impressive and prosperous canals. And then, there is that Van Gogh museum or that Rijksmuseum for the black cloud afternoons that makes it better.

San Sebastian

Due to the nature-urbanism dialogue, San Sebastián is the closest to Rio de Janeiro: greenery, mountains, Azulismo, and Cascoporro. The rain appears, and it becomes a city that knows how to cry and how to wipe away the tears of the radiant windows of its Ensanche. This city knows how to take advantage of everything. San Sebastian is like a high school student who will rather order custom assignments on the https://www.buy-cheapessay.com/ than sweat over the books all night long. There, you have time for any entertainment you may imagine:

● Taking walks

● Surfing

● Watching movies

● Listening to jazz

● Cycling tours

Watch and play with the waves of the Bay of Biscay. This city is especially good if you want to eat — try visiting Tasca Tasca. And it is MANDATORY to turn 30 having a mini list of your favorite sites from the old part of this city.


Leave everything and come here. If Peter Pan had designed a city where he doesn't grow up, where adults refuse to acquire complexes, and where everything that's extreme has a place to be, that is Berlin. Leaving everything and moving to this city is a sensation that every young person must experience at least once in their life. Bathe your body in the warm sun. Here, everything is as surreal as true — only the limits of space and time put borders on the imagination in Berlin.


That is a tiny mark on the map on the banks of the Danube. This 2-in-1 city in Europe attracts all kinds of young audiences. That's why you have to go to Budapest — recognizable monuments on both sides of the Danube. There, different terraces and bars are always full of beautiful and fun people. To finish off the trip, you can go through a thousand and one hot springs that give this city a little point of originality.


That is a definition of compulsive shopping and paradise on earth. Children who grew up in the Schengen area only have this option to cross a border with their customs and their police. It is true that the era of smuggling passed to a better life. Still, that experience of entering such a different place makes one feel somewhat adventurous. Borderless experience, compulsive shopping without taxes, those mountains with and without snow, and a thermal center called Caldea. All that makes an Andorra a paradise in the world.


All that fame of the two cultures comes are perfectly mixed in Istanbul: western life with oriental essence. The city of the Bosphorus has many of those monuments that are visited even if you are not an expert or know a little about Byzantine and Muslim art. The plain and simple city remains spectacular. The difficult thing here is not to succumb to the charm of Santa Sofia or the Blue Mosque.


Bilbao is a crazy city, but it is THE CITY. Bilbao has become the perfect getaway in other words. In the morning —Guggenheim, in the afternoon — Casco Viejo, and the night is all about pantheism of Licentiate Pozas. Everything, absolutely everything, has been inspired by the Gehry building, which is the master of ceremonies in terms of manual modernization: very aesthetic but with respect to the essences.


Youth should begin discovering the blessed custom they have in Granada of putting tapas on everything. Or what about an opportunity to go up to the Albaicín to see the Alhambra at any time of the day and any day of the year. Feel a Moorish king walking under the Moors and among the courtyards of the Nasrid palace. Tire the soles of your shoes running up and down Elvira street, breathing that university atmosphere. However, Andalusian are tricksters — be vigilant.


Well, Havana is more than a place to visit before 25. Fearing that capitalism and hotel chains will take the last anti-colonialist stronghold of the Caribbean, one must step forward, take a plane, pay for the visa services, and be conquered by the joy of the Havana inhabitants and semi-illegal bars full of pure rum and smuggled cigar smoke. Havana is a city for voyeurs, where you can take a peek behind the open door and improvise all evening with the first one who sits at the piano.


Thailand is the best gateway to the distant exotic and unforgettable East Asia. Bangkok is definitely for people in their twenties who want to have fun. Its monuments and streets are so original that you don't need a guide or booklet for enjoyment. As soon as you leave for the jungle and the beaches, you will discover the heart of Thailand where its inhabitants are more smiling and nature there is innocent and authentic. A place where you cannot stop repeating the word "paradise" and where you have to pinch yourself to realize that you are not dreaming.

The Algarve

The famous Portuguese coast marked by luxury urbanization and towel markets. The Algarve has something that cannot be bought or copied: the beaches where all social classes are combined. Here, one cannot grow up without running like crazy toward the sea while feeling the fine sand sliding between the toes. There is nothing but the ocean.

Balearic Islands

These are the four main islands, and you probably know at least one of them well. Go to Mallorca to understand that there's no better nightlife than in the Arenal club, and the further from the 'guiri,' the higher a tone of voice is. Being surrounded by waters, Mediterranean life is different. The same happens with Menorca. Ibiza serves as a golden middle between David Guettero and the hipism of the 21st century. Here, you can immerse yourself in those Ibiza parties and flirt with strangers.


There are some places where the right choices, perfect education, good clothes, and all that stuff is combined well. London is one of them. Sometimes it seems too much to have the best of the best in museums and monuments, but that doesn't mean that London cannot deal with it. And when you walk by Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus, and Trafalgar Square, you feel how appealing the city is.


How about tea with peppermint? The cosmopolitan Moroccan city is the exotic paradise of the Spanish coasts. That is a completely different culture you should experience.

● The hustle and bustle of the Yamaa el Fna square are real.

● The smell of its food is amazing.

● The colors of the Old Medina walls are impressing.

Your 30s shouldn't catch you, dear reader, until you know what it is like to spend a night in a riad and wake up to the voices of speakers from the minarets. And then, there is that luxurious La Mamounia Hotel that is worth visiting at least because of their coffee.

New York

There should be a new word invented to describe New York because there's nothing in the world that may excite you as much as this city does. It is as spectacular as Hollywood and MOMA. Everyone knows at least the name of five neighborhoods in NYC, but it's time to learn more and don't limit your knowledge by what the TV says. After visiting New York, nothing will be the same.


Paris is a city that makes tangos sound more heartbreaking when you are listening to it on the banks of the Seine. There, the Gothic style shines more than anywhere, and even a cabaret becomes an icon. Paris is capable of everything, and that must be experienced in real life. Even if you hate it, it will be a more special kind of hate! Paris is one of those places you want to return to, and visiting it is a real obligation.


Prague has been one of the main destinations of Eastern Europe for years thanks to good promotion and a colorful awakening. When the sun is reflected in its buildings, a chromatic and cheerful city can be discovered. It is necessary to visit it before you turn 30, walk among fig trees, climb Mala Strana, and explore a hundred towers that populate the old city. Ah!


Venice is one of the most incomparable cities in the world. Yes, that's definitely worth visiting — it's full of tourists, and it's always overflowing. But that doesn't matter, because any twenty-year-old will easily follow the flood of people going from Rialto to San Marcos. Discover a real life by boating through labyrinthine canals and decaying bridges. That is the authentic Venice that makes anyone who has visited it come back home changed.


This university city perfectly blends its powerful heritage with the fun of student life. Are you ready to pass your Salamanca exam? If you spot a frog, there's nothing to worry about. Without university youth with folders walking down the streets, Salamanca would not be the same. There are Roman bridges, two cathedrals, and a Plaza Mayor that is the most beautiful square in Spain. And when the books are left aside, a diverse, fun, and exciting nightlife explodes.


The world without Italy wouldn't be so tasty, elegant, and musical. And without Rome, it would lack heart. Rome has its bustling and chaotic as well as glorious and classical times, and there, nothing is getting older. Rome allows everything because it is the only city on the planet where every "average" monument that you can find at every corner would be THE MONUMENT anywhere else.


Lisbon is one of those cities that you should not just visit but to experience. Lisbon is an integral pleasure with 24/7 party people, where nothing seems touristy. There, you can hear fado in any pizzeria near Market Square. Your life cannot pass 30 years without you arriving at Largo de Camoes at 8 pm, just before a very long night in the Bairro Alto.


You shouldn't get married if you haven't kissed your spouse under the orange trees of the Plaza de Doña Elvira. Or, without having run around like two teenagers through the narrow streets of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. That unique touch of Seville is gypsy and quite fiery, especially if you are brave enough to visit one of its taverns.

Las Vegas

Let's not let the myth of "what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas" disappear. We have to apply it to our adventures! The city of sin, delicacies from la Picantina, grace, and energetic bodies. If we had only one place to remember, it would be LA. Because nothing else matters when you meet a celebrity at 3am in the morning while checking out.

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