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Thinking Why Is The TV Display Not Turning On And Red Light Blinking? A Comprehensive Guide

LED indicator lights are a feature of every TV and appear normally on the lower front of the Television. These lights blink, sometimes a particular number of times or can even change color indicating different conditions.

Depending on the brand, the color of light blinking, or the number of times it is doing so, may indicate different situations. And, if you are not aware of what these blinking signals indicate, you are nowhere near to solving the issue you are facing on your TV.

So, if you are noticing that your TV’s LED lights are blinking in a particular manner, do not waste any more time. Connect with a reliable TV Repair service in Dubai for a quick resolution of whatever the issue might be.

You can approach us at Tech Support Dubai for a complete fix of any issue for which the LED lights on your Television set might be blinking.

Why does Red Light Keeps Blinking on TV?

As mentioned, LED lights blinking in a particular fashion indicates a particular issue. Red light blinking usually indicates a serious problem and requires immediate attention.

In most cases, you’ll need a service provider to fix the issue that might be causing the red light to blink.

A specific example is when the red light blinks 8 times. This is a special scenario and depending on the TV model, it can be resolved by a specific reset procedure.

First, disconnect the LAN cable, or if you are using a WiFi connection, turn off the router and the modem.

Next, power reset the TV, the process of which will depend on the TV model you are using.

Now, if that doesn’t work in fixing the red light blinking issue, then Factory Reset the TV.

Complete the initial setup following the on-screen instructions.

If this simple reset procedure doesn’t work, then you can try turning off the Television for a while and then turning it back on.

However, this is a very trivial fix and will probably work in a very few cases. LED lights blinking in a particular order or manner can indicate different situations and can only be resolved by a reliable and experienced TV repair Dubai.

In addition, there can be lights of other colors, for example, orange, amber, green or white, blinking in a particular manner, indicating different situations.

Some of the blinking patterns may indicate a particular issue which can be easily understood and resolved by Tech Support Dubai.

So, if you are noticing that a particular color light is blinking and your TV is not functioning properly, you can rest assured that your set is facing some critical issue. In such cases, connecting with a reliable TV repair service is the best choice.

Connect with Tech Support Dubai for the Best TV Repair Services

We, at Tech Support Dubai, provide the finest of services when it comes to TV repairing. We deal with every brand and model of Televisions. So, you don’t have to worry if you are using a Sony or a Samsung. We are your one-stop solution for all TV-related issues.

Owing to the years of experience we have in this field, we can easily diagnose and detect the exact problem that your TV set is facing. And can thus fix it fast.

So, for a quick and complete resolution of all your TV issues, contact us today. Place a call at ( ) and talk to our executives about the problem you are facing on your TV and we will make sure that the issue is fixed quickly. Or, you can also email us at our dedicated email ID stating what you face, and we will reply at the earliest.

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