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How to Wash Scrubs? The Most Suitable Ways To Wash Scrubs

When being a nurse or RNs you are too busy taking care of public health, and you have to wash & disinfectant your scrubs before the next shift, but it not easy for you to deal with this situation.

We have come with the latest and best ways to wash and clean your scrubs for your ease that will protect you and patients around you from germs and diseases. Moreover, it boosts your impression in front of your boss.

All we know that scrubs and lab coats are the main parts of the medical profession. Doctors and nurses who work practically for public health and those who deal with chemicals require lab coats and scrubs must. These are of different variety, sizes, and colors. In the medical industry, when nurses are dealing with the health of people, then their scrubs must be clean and in tip-top form. It not only affects their appearance but also keep them safe.

Here are some tips for washing and caring for your scrubs that will remove stains from them and will keep you away from viruses, bacteria, and germ in daily routine.

The Best Ways To Wash Scrubs:

Wash scrubs are usually of cotton fabric. They are of different colors, so the first step is to protect its appearance.


Whenever you buy a high-quality colored scrub, then before use dip it in cold water with a half cup of vinegar added to it. It will preserve the color of the new scrub and extend its life. This pretreatment is necessary, others wise disinfectants, will weak the fabrics, and it will fad its color soon.

Wash Immediately After Use:

Before the next shift or after you have done your work, wash immediately to reduce the transfer of microbes and bacteria causing infection. Moreover, these hard strains will not stick to the scrubs. Use gloves when you’re washing scrubs to reduce the transfer of pathogens from scrub to your skin. To avoid piling and abrasion, turn scrubs inside out.

How To Deal With Hard Stains?

As the work of nurses is to remain in medicine the whole day, so there scrub mostly hard strains of ointment, liquid medication, blood, urine, feces, and iodine. To remove this strain is one of the difficult tasks.

A Stain Of Ointments:

During work, it common to get stains. Usually, taints of ointment are oil-based. To wash them, use warm water as it will weaken the bond between a and cloth. After that, apply a strong detergent like Arial at the spot and then soak it in detergent water for five minutes. Then finish washing with hot water.

Stains Of Blood And Liquid Medication:

If the blood spot is fresh, then it’s better to wash it immediately if possible. For a hard blood strain first, soak it in cold water and wash the particles. Then apply detergent and rub it softly, let it in detergent water for 10 minutes after that wash it with steady water.

Liquid medications contain dyes, so it is difficult to remove them in the usual way. For them, use chlorine or oxygen-based bleach in a cold wash. Soak the cloth in for 1 – 8 hours and then wash.

Stains Of Vomit, Urine, And Iodine:

All these except iodine are protein-based stain, so you need cold water to clean them. The steady wash will flesh off the particles, and then use heavy detergent with a half cup of baking soda in the washing machine.

For iodine, stains use warm/hot water. Soak the scrub in warm water, having heavy detergent, and after 5-minutes wash it properly.

REMEMBER: Before treating any stain first, find the nature of the taints, as warm water can only remove the oil-based foul, and for all others, warm water will stick taint to the scrub.

What Should You Avoid During Washing?

There are certain things you must avoid increasing the life of your scrub.

Do not wash your scrubs with all other laundries. It causes mot chances to get contamination and germ. Wash the scrubs separately. You may put a pair of scrubs together in the machine.

Avoid using extra disinfectants and bleaches like OxiClean, chloro x2, and OXO brit for disinfections as they will harm the stuff. You may use pine oil and phenolic disinfectant when need and then wash with warm water. Avoid bleaching the whole lab coat of scrubs as it will fade its color and turns yellow. Only use at the spot of stain.

Things To Remember:

For a vibrant, clean, and perfect scrub spin, it in a dryer, but keep in mind that a dryer is not enough to clean the germ, so before wearing, autoclave it in high disinfect laundry.

Iron it at a proper temperature that will give your scrub a perfect look and kill all the germs. Try to wear it only when you arrive at duty, and after you have done work and have come back home, change it out, and keep in laundry immediately.

Keep a pair of scrubs as it will keep you tension free, and then you do not worry about laundry a single scrub daily.

Moreover, use cotton fabric scrubs having 65% polyester and 35 % cotton as this one is durable and dry instantly after washing.

All these will increase the shelf life of scrubs and make you confident during work.

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