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How to Activate or Download an AOL Premium Subscription?

Are you looking to download or activate your AOL premium subscription?

AOL offers tons of products and services for its premium users. The user has to activate the services in order to use them. The Premium AOL users get a lot more benefits than the normal users. So, it is advised to subscribe to their services in order to fully utilize their potential. For any query related to the AOL premium products, contact AOL customer service team.

You must be subscribed to the AOL premium services in order to utilize them. Here are the steps to subscribe to the AOL services.

Subscribe to an AOL premium product:

1. First, you need to create an AOL account or log in to AOL Account using their official website.

2. Then, you have to visit the ‘My Account’ page of the account.

3. Click on ‘My Services’

4. Then click on ‘Subscriptions’ link on the next page.

5. Now, you need to click on the ‘Manage’ button to change your plan.

6. Now, you need to click on ‘Purchase Plan’ in the Get Started section.

7. Then you can choose your products from the list and change accordingly.

After creating an account for the AOL web services, you need to activate your subscription to download the product you were looking for. You have to follow certain steps in order to complete the process. But, if you are not feeling for it, contact the customer support phone number for extensive help. They can even do that for you via secured remote link to the computer.

Activate Premium Subscription:

After the signup process, subscribe to a premium product from AOL premium subscription. You need to activate the product by clicking on the Login with AOL link from the confirmation email you have received.

If you didn’t receive the confirmation email, follow the steps listed below to activate AOL premium subscription.

Let’s get started.

1. Sign in with your AOL credentials

2. Then, you have to visit the ‘My Account’ page of the account.

3. Click on ‘My Services’ and then click on ‘My Benefits’ link on the next page.

4. The URL will redirect to the file download or a web page where you might need to enter login information. It will depend on the type of service you are trying to activate. If you don’t have the correct login information, click on the forget password link and reset the password.

5. Once, you’re logged in to the service with valid credentials, you can start using the service by following the on-screen instructions.

If you want to download additional AOL products but not able to download them. Contact the AOL customer support team and they provide you instant solution for the problem.

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