If a person cannot figure out where the plastic card number is, you need to turn it with the side where the card holder's name is printed, 16 digits - its number, and the security code is on the reverse side. These are three or four digits that are printed on the strip, which is intended to sign the client. In addition, next to the CVC code of the credit card may be the full number or the last four digits of the card. This code was designed to protect the credit card, or rather, the owner’s bank account as much as possible when paying for various goods and services via the Internet from fraudsters who always want to profit from someone else’s account. The systems Visa and Mastercard, he decrypts differently, but the purpose of his one - to ensure the safety of financial transactions. Some cvv shops are providing dumps card from which you can earn lot money also. In everyday life, if a person does not make a purchase or does not order services via the World Wide Web, the CVC credit card code may not be necessary, since this code is not requested to withdraw money through an ATM, to pay for goods in a regular rather than virtual store. In this case, you need a completely different - PIN. CVC and PIN are completely different codes, one for virtual payments for goods, the other for real purchases in stores.

When you pay for something with a plastic card through the Internet in the presence of the card itself, there is no need; the main thing is to know the necessary information located on the card itself. When paying for purchases, sites basically ask for a card number consisting of 16 digits on its front side, the name and surname of the plastic holder, expiration date and CVC credit card code. This information makes it possible to absolutely safely make payments on the Internet without the physical presence of the card itself. But we should not forget that, knowing this data, not very honest people can also use the account, having removed from it the funds of the cardholder. Therefore, to protect yourself, you need to be very careful, remembering where and to whom a credit card is given. Protection of plastic cards in the main is to use numbers and codes correctly. This does not mean that you need to keep a credit card with you, not using it anywhere, you just need to carefully check the sites and other resources that offer to enter security codes. By the way, as noted in the feedback from site visitors, if there is such a security code on the card, this does not mean that it allows you to pay for a product or service on the Internet. Some cvv shops are providing dumps card from which you can earn lot money also, for this you should go and visit meccadumps.net.

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